10 Best Webtoons That Deserve An Anime Adaptation!

Best Webtoons That Deserve An Anime: “The inspiration often comes from the most unexpected sources” this quote stands true for everything. This thing also stands firmly in the anime world. The Anime daily team has brought the Best Webtoons That Deserve An Anime. Recently the Korean Manhwa industry has grown much. The content from The Manhwa is gaining praise across the globe. The digital availability of these manhwa arts is making their reach better and better. The digital manhwa comics which amuse the audience through phones and tablets are known as Webtoons. Webtoons have episodes rather than chapters like manga.

However, the Japanese makers don’t consider it a very good thing to make anime adaptations of foreign art forms. But these art forms are quite similar to each other. Moreover, the art should not be in the clutches of national boundaries and disparities. Here We are today to discuss the top 10 best Webtoons that deserve an anime. Let’s move ahead to the details without any further ado!

The first webtoon that made it to the top of this list is Who Made Me A Princess. Spoon illustrated the webtoon form of the titular series. However, this webtoon appeared in the form of a web novel before it. Plutus wrote the web novel, but Spoon drew the web art for the web novel. The story of the webtoon follows the life of a princess with bad luck. Her father, Claude de Alger Obelia, has the destiny to kill her daughter. However, the princess has different ways to escape her destiny. She can embrace it, run away from it or live a solace life away from everything. Tappytoon got the rights for the English distribution of the webtoon.

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The third webtoon in this list is quite dark. The title itself portrays the nature of the webtoon. The plot of the webtoon is about a boy Jin whose father is a serial killer. However, the story does not end here. The school life of Jin is also not so good. Bullies always catch him and make him do whatever they want. The medical condition of Jin is not affirmative as well. He has an artificial heart valve and a glass eye. This traumatic journey of a boy leaves a big impact on fans’ minds. The 93-episode webtoon is present on Naver’s webtoon platform.

The webtoon has been stealing the highlight ever since its announcement. The beautiful visuals of the webtoon are famous. Gwon Gyeoeul wrote the source web novel for the webtoon. However, the illustrator of the webtoon is SUOL. The story of the webtoon is about a girl who gets stuck in a game. The point to note is that the lead character is in the villain role in the game. Her life is stuck in the game. If she dies there, she won’t be able to come to real life.

The Killing Stalking webtoon explores dark topics like murders, mental health issues, different kinds of abuses, serial killings, and much more. Seven seas are publishing the webtoon in English on its digital platform. The story of the webtoon revolves around the awful life of Yoon Bum. However, this becomes worse when he enters a psychopath’s house. The basement of that person is filled with horrifying things. Such experience forces Yoon to get out of that mental house. But will he be able to make it?

This webtoon is based on Ryu Hyang’s web novel. It belongs to the romantic genre. However, it does not completely fall in the romantic category. It is a story about a maid girl Edna. Edna is a simple girl who marries a Duke due to some strange circumstances. However, the rage of the Duke for not getting married to a princess falls upon Edna. She hides this dark truth from everyone. But will she be able to convert all this violence into love? Will Duke change himself for the sake of his wife? All these questions arise in fans’ minds.

This webtoon is based on PAN’s web novel. The feature art of this web novel is the work of PAN4. It follows the life of Kim Roksu. He has only one principle in life. He wants that no one should be able to beat him. That’s why he wants to be a villain. However, these activities do not suit him for a long time. He could have become a hero before, but he chose a different path. Now, will he be able to return to his destiny? Watch the webtoon to experience the climax of the story!

The Breaker: New Waves is a martial art-based manhwa. However, the story does not have a large array of training montages to distract the audience. The action-thriller manhwa follows the proper story of Chunwoo. He has earned the title of Nine Arts Dragon from his master Murim. Chunwoo Han attained that level through intense training. However, he has to get underground due to certain circumstances. His disciple Shiwoon Yi must get out to prevent the legacy and the name of his master.

Jeong and Ji-Hoon launched The Horizon webtoon on the internet in 2016. The story of the manhwa is quite tragic. It is set in a world full of human military set up all over the world. So, everyone is fighting to prove their domination in the world. But the persons who suffer the most painful consequences of such incidents are common people. However, the story is based on the life of a boy whose mother died after a military attack. He escapes from the location but meets a girl who has also lost everything in the same battle. Both of them together face the adversities without any fear.

These were the Best Webtoons That Deserve An Anime. Hope the team covered all your favorite webtoons. That’s it for today! Don’t forget to visit The Anime daily to get the latest updates on the anime world.

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