Akiba Maid War Episode 3: Underground Battle! Release Date

Episode after episode, Akiba Maid War astonishes everyone with their mysterious personality and knack for saving their cafe. After losing everything in the previous episode, they now have to find a way to move on. But can they? Things seem to be challenging in Akiba Maid War Episode 3, and it remains unclear how the ladies will deal with the situation.

The latest episode of the Akiba Maid War will focus on the aftermath of the previous episode. The Oinky Doink team lost everything while trying to make some money. Now they have to find a way to return to their business. But the path is full of thorns. Now let’s see how they make it to their cafe.

The recent trailer hints at the action-packed episode. After losing all of their money, the maids and the manager have to find a way to get back to their cafe. Akiba Maid War Episode 3, titled “Meido no Ken, Suizo no Kachi wa” aka “Maid’s First, Pancreas Worth,” hints that the Oinky Doink’s cafe maids will support each other in thick and thin. Further, the episode will highlight the trouble the maids and the manager will face.

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The trailer is narrated by our previous episode star Yumechi, who will also be back in this episode. However, our maids have no clue about the next hurdle. They will try their best to keep the situation under control. Ranko will find a new job at a collection agency. However, it will lead her to fight martial arts underground club. Now how she will manage to deal with it remains unclear. Will this help them to win back their business?

Most of the crew ended up losing their money at several games. However, the head maid from the Casino offered them to play Moe Moe Poker, where she introduced herself as the dealer. Unluckily, the maids lost their money, and the crew ended up in a cage. Yumechi figured out that the other player and dealer were cheating and molding the game as they wanted. But despite this, she lost the game. Soon the loan shark came to gloat at the Oinky Doink manager and maids. But Ranko shot him with a gun, helping her colleagues escape the situation.

The Oinky Doink manager and her maids have to make a tough choice to stay in business. But what will be their next move? You will find out in Akiba Maid War Episode 3, which will air on October 21, 2022. Japanese audiences can stream it on KBS Kyoto, BS11, SUN, and Tokyo MX, while international viewers can catch it on Crunchyroll. This is all for now. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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