All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 36 DELAY UPDATES: Will Ricardo Confess To Blanche? Release Date

Lady Blanche’s blossoming nature has started to develop her feelings for Ricardo. All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 36 will be the confession chapter for Ricardo and Blanche. The previous chapter portrayed Blanche as a dumb woman who was under male domination. But the end of the chapter turned the whole opinion upside down. She lured Rodolfo into her trap to get the card image and move to the dungeon. But what fans are more concerned about is the delay in its release! Check out more plot updates related to the upcoming chapter in the article below!

The next outing of the manhwa will see Blache getting into the dungeon to extract the valuables. However, the love ride between Blanche and Ricardo will continue to move forward in the upcoming chapter. The intimacy between both of them in the previous chapter has bothered them. They are thinking about the possibilities if they happened to kiss each other.

The intimate moment between Blanche and Ricardo fired the love between them. Ricardo has started to feel that he should confess his feelings for Blanche in All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 36. But the second plot of the story will dominate the upcoming chapter. Blanche competed with her father-in-law and Rodolfo in a wine competition. However, they got intoxicated, and Blanche made them bald with her razor.

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Now the first aim for Blanche will be to explore the dungeon after getting the card image. She and her team will extract the valuables and escape from that dungeon as soon as they can. But there are spoiler scans that predict that Rodolfo and his men will wake up from the intoxication. Blanche has attacked their pride. So they will not spare Blanche with so much ease. There will be a war in the upcoming chapter.

However, this brought them much close, and they were about to kiss each other. But the entrance of Julio into the room ruined the moment. She was carrying a razor with her to eliminate Rodolfo. However, Blanche borrowed that razor from her with a smug face. The engagement ceremony of Blanche and Rodolfo was completed. However, Blanche conducted a wine competition and intoxicated Rodolfo along with his men.

All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 36 has been getting delayed for a month. The initial release date of the manhwa was July 13, 2022. However, it got shifted to July 31, 2022. But there are no traces of the upcoming chapter of the manhwa on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. Keep following our page for more updates!

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