All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 40: Can Blanche Make It To The Boss? Release Date & More!

All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 40 will go tough on Blanche. She entered the Big room with her colleagues in the previous chapter. However, the intentions of Blanch and Guillermo did not seem good. They were planning to use Silvano and Capo until the end and throw them away. Moreover, she thought of taking only one of the guys from Forcione family at the end. However, Rodolfo changed everything at the last minute.

The next chapter will be a worrisome chapter for Blanche. Her plans are not going as she had planned before. She was thinking selfishly about herself only. Moreover, it seems that things won’t be so easy for Blanche to cover as the system can eliminate her anytime. Silvano and Capo are still holding their fronts at the viewer’s stand. Blanche is alone now, and Guillermo is also not present there. What will she do?

The biggest concern for Lady Blanche in All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 40 will be to reach the end. However, she has to eliminate Rodolfo and Achille in the next chapter. Rodolfo tried a dirty trick on Blanche. But it is not clear why Guillermo wanted to kill everyone in his party, excluding Blanche. Moreover, Blanche is also an accomplice in her tasks. The next chapter might unveil many secrets.

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The biggest one of these secrets is Ricardo’s death. Guillermo and Blanche are planning to kill Ricardo also in the end. It seems that Blanche loves Guillermo, and that’s why she wants to kill Ricardo. But Ricardo is on the same side as her, and he also loves her dearly. Things are going to get really complicated in the next chapter of the manhwa.

All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 39 starts with the argument between the Forcione family. Rodolfo was asking Blanche for a level-up as she was getting all the power-ups in the dungeon. However, Blanche mentioned to all of them that the one who solves the puzzle gets the level up. In the end, Blanche agreed to level up the Forcione family. Soon all of them entered the Big room.

The game present in the Big room was a dice roll. Blanche, Rodolfo, Achille, and Guillermo became the first party for the game. Blanche made the first move and reached the third lace. However, Rodolfo got a five and a three after that move. But Rodolfo used it on himself rather than giving it to Blanche. He already knew that Blanche would kill her, so he eliminated Guillermo from the game. Moreover, he has injected Blanche with the potion of Syncope.

All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 40 will release on September 7, 2022, according to the schedule. However, there is no confirmation on the release date of the manhwa. There have been delays back in the last month. So the fans might expect to release it on time as it has returned from the delay. Keep following The Anime Daily for more manhwa updates!

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