All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 44: Will Ricciardo Kill Blanche? Release Date & More!

All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 44 will be the heartbreak chapter for Ricciardo. The previous chapter was quite disappointing as it showed the sinister side of Blanche. Guillermo and Blanche were making out in the previous chapter. However, the problematic thing is that Ricciardo has seen both of them together. So he might turn to his father to bring the true face of Blache in front of everyone else.

The next chapter might become a problem for Blanche. If the Boss finds out about the Guillermo-Blanche relationship, he will make sure to eliminate them. Blanche mentioned something about her family in the previous chapter. However, the manhwa did not get into the detail of the family background in the previous chapter. Check out the article below to get info on future chapters of the manhwa!

All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 44 will be the consequence of Blanche’s sinister karma. She was using everyone as a dummy to climb up in the dungeon game. She was even ready to kill Ricciardo in the previous chapter. However, the innocence of Ricciardo stopped him from doing so. But the manhwa has taken a dramatic turn now.

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Ricciardo’s whole world might turn upside down with this incident in the manhwa. Moreover, he might change his nature in the upcoming chapter. The sweet good looking Ricciardo might become the rude, rough Ricciardo. The second plot point for the upcoming manhwa is the killing history of Blanche’s family. She mentioned last that her family had done some dark things that no one could imagine. The next chapter might reveal how dark they were.

The 43rd chapter of All Hail Lady Blanche starts with the return of Blanche and others from the dungeon. Blanche had solved all of the puzzles in the dungeon. Moreover, She, Silvano, and Ricciardo collected the treasure from the dungeon. The family of Achilles was put in prison, and the Gettos family started partying at night. Blanche was quite drunk, as usual.

However, Ricciardo became so drunk that he could not hold himself together. Blanche took him to a corner. There Ricciardo came too close to Blanche. However, Blanche decided to make him sober first. When Ricciardo gained consciousness, Blanche revealed that he should stop liking her as she did not like him. Ricciardo begged with all his feelings, but Blanche went away from him in the arms of Guillermo.

All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 44 will release on September 13, 2022. The manhwa series is at a turning point where all the things might turn against Blanche in the upcoming chapter. Moreover, there are countless possibilities for the upcoming chapter. Stay tuned to our page to get insight on future chapters as soon as they drop on the web!

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