Ao Ashi Chapter 305: Shiba Vs. Kuribayashi Final Round! Release Date

Just like Shiba, Kuribayashi’s skills are also unmatchable. But he believes that Shiba is behind in molding him. However, they will remain surprised when Ashito comes in his form in Ao Ashi Chapter 305. Now it’s time for Shiba to teach someone a good lesson before taking his retirement. Further, it will finally reveal who will win the match, whether it’s Shiba’s or Kuribayashi’s team. Keep reading to know more.

The following storyline will explore the final moments of the match. The ball will be in Shiba’s court, and it will be easy for him to score a goal. But everyone will be shocked by Ashito’s growth. Meanwhile, Shiba will speak to him and teach him some valuable lessons.

In the upcoming chapter, Shiba will feel proud of Kuribayashi and his techniques. He has all grown up but is still keeping his teaching in his mind. So now Shiba believes he can retire peacefully as his saplings are all mature and good to uphold the standard. But his thoughts are interrupted when Ashito passes him the ball. It will leave everyone surprised as no one has ever thought that someone could come up with such a move.

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Shiba will be proud to see Ashito growing in just a single match. He will come up with his best shot and score another goal. Finally, Shiba’s team will win the match, and he will have a word of wisdom with Ashito. The match will help Ashito to grow his skills and become a part of a pro team. Meanwhile, Shiba will give a satisfactory speech by announcing his retirement and will be happy to see others growing at such speed.

He was in his middle school 2nd year when he was called to play with the pro players. Everyone was cheering him for his techniques. But pointed out that he should work on his physical skills. He started thinking that to become a pro player like them, he needed to work on his physical abilities. But out of the blue, Shiba arrived and stopped the match in the middle. He told that kid to work on his skills instead of listening to others’ words. It gave Kuribayashi a new direction. Back to the match, Kuribayashi was about to score a goal when Ashito came up with his killer move. He snatched the ball from Kuribayashi, surprising everyone, and passed it to Shiba.

Ao Ashi Chapter 305 will release on August 29, 2022. It will be available on Webtoon, Kakao, and Naver’s official pages. The upcoming chapter will focus on Ashito’s character growth. Shiba will seem surprised by his move but believe they must give Ashito a chance to grow. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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