Ao Ashi Chapter 310: Shiba’s Retirement Affects Ashito’s Plan! Release Date

Fans are super excited after learning that Shiba’s team won the match. But on the flip side, it was Shiba’s last match. Now they won’t be able to see his magic on the field. But Ashito has a plan in Ao Ashi Chapter 310. Well, Ashito is still learning, but he knows how to pave his path to the senior team. But will he succeed in it? Who knows? However, something more dramatic will happen in his life.

In the following storyline, Ashito will make a tough choice to be on the team. However, he has to face the legendary team this time, and it won’t be easy for him and his teammates to win against them. Is it the end of Ashito’s dream? Keep reading to know more.

The upcoming chapter will finally fulfill Garulla’s wish. Shiba and his team managed to win the Takamodonomiya cup, and now everything will move smoothly as per Garulla’s plan. Sadly, it was Shiba’s last match, but everyone needed him to face Team Barcelona. Ashito is still confused and has no idea what’s going on. But instead of procrastinating, he decides to change Shiba’s decision. Well, Ashito played well and managed to team up with Shiba. So there’s a hope that he will listen to Ashito.

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However, there is a slight chance that Shiba may refuse Ashito’s offer, and he will be alone to deal with Team Barcelona. Although it will be a practice match, Ashito and Yuuma must show their skills and do their best to be part of the senior team. Perhaps Shiba will help Ashito with this. He will give him tough training and help him focus on his shots instead of imitating others’ moves.

The 309th chapter of Ao Ashi was a rollercoaster ride for Ashito. He was expecting to be promoted to the senior team. But his coach had something else for him. Garulla asked Ashito and Yuuma to play against Barcelona. At that point, Ashito was speechless and had no idea what this meant. However, Garulla tried to calm the air and told them they had one more chance to stay on the team. While their other team members were promoted to the senior level, Ashito and Yuuma were left behind.

Soon Garulla shed light on Barcelona’s Youth Academy and how J. League was formed. He enlisted some popular football players who did their best to keep their team afloat. Despite their strong efforts, the Barca Academy faced some difficulties. But it wasn’t the scene. The main thing was that Ashito and Yuuma had to convince Shiba to stay one more year. Ashito left stunned after learning Shiba was taking a retirement. But the tension lightened when they learned their team won the Takamadonomiya cup.

Ashito is in big trouble now and needs to find a way to get out of this situation. But how things will unfold remains unclear. Apart from this, the current issue ended up with Chapter 309. But don’t worry! Ao Ashi Chapter 310 will air on October 18, 2022, the next issue of the manga series. It will be available on the official pages of Webtoon, Naver, and Kakao pages. This is all for now. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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