Ao Ashi Episode 15: ‘Where I Ought To Be’ Release Date

Ashito’s latest move left fans in a daze, especially when the coach decided to change his position. But will Ashito learn the value of defending in Ao Ashi Episode 15? Fans remained shocked in the previous episode where Akutsu returned, which changed everything. No doubt, he will continue to create problems in Ashito’s life with his terrific moves and deadly intentions. 

Now in the upcoming episode, things will change. It will be a life-changing experience for Ashito as he finally learns what he wants. At first, he will keep talking badly about defending, but one of his friends will finally teach him a good lesson. Keep reading to know more.

In Ao Ashi Episode 15, titled “Where I Ought To Be,” Ashito struggles to deal with his new position. The coach changed his position, and now he has to deal with his defensive position. But it seems hard for him as defending the team is quite boring, and pretending other’s moves is also different. However, Takeshima guides Ashito and orders him to move towards the center and cover it properly. So they can save goals. But despite Takeshima’s warning, Ashito moves forward when the ball hits him.

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His mistake leads the opponent team to score a goal. Soon their opponent started making that a beginner was playing in the defense. It hurt Ashito’s sentiment. But Akutsu continued to say bad things about Ashito and demanded him to go back to the dorm as he isn’t meant to play soccer with them. Ashito knows he can do better when he’s playing forward than struggling to defend. Their opponent team continues to target Ashito, making it difficult for the team to stop them. But Otomo’s move left Ashito in a daze, and he learned the value of defending and decided to work on his skills.

The episode kept the viewers on edge, especially when the team changed their positions. The rest of the team quickly spring into action after receiving the coach’s message. Everyone was surprised when Akutsu returned and remained the most hated character. Ao Ashi Episode 14 also revealed coach Nozomi’s true intention.

Only two more days are left to explore Ashito’s world. Ao Ashi Episode 15, titled “Where I Ought To Be,” will air on July 16, 2022, on NHK Educational TV. It will reveal how Ashito will deal with these new changes and whether he will work in his new position or decide to follow his heart. Things will be challenging for him, and we expect Ashito to learn a lot. Further, the upcoming episode will be available to stream on Crunchyroll. So stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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