Ao Ashi Episode 17: Tokyo Metropolis League Match 7! Release Date

Fans get to know more interesting parts of the mc every week. And this week, Aoi is slowly learning new skills and will continue to learn in Ao Ashi Episode 17. So far, we have seen him exploring new things, which will help him to make his move in the tournament. He will rise from scratch and use his skills to show others he’s worthy of his position. But things won’t be as smooth as it seems. He will end up fighting for his right. Thus, here is everything to know about the newest episode of Ao Ashi.

In the 17th episode, Aoi and his team will focus on a new match that will change everything. Aoi will be ready to show his new skills, but something wrong will happen that will create problems for Aoi. Keep reading to know more.

Aoi will continue to improve his skills for the biggest match, the Tokyo Metropolis League Match 7. It will take place in Toma Sports Science University High School, where everyone will show their greatest skills. Aoi won’t be a part of this match in the first half. But he will soon join the team in the second half of the game. Aoi will be confident in his training and eager to show his skills to others.

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However, he will be frustrated when his teammates won’t pass him the ball. Soon the other team players will notice this and try to take advantage of this situation. They will discuss his weak points, and a person from his past will confront him. He will try to bully Aoi, leaving him petrified. Aoi will try to join the attack, but his teammates will force him to stand in one place. Soon it will remind him of his bitter childhood memory when everyone wouldn’t let him play football. He will be disappointed and will wonder how to deal with this situation.

But he didn’t seem bothered about it and focused on mastering his new move. In the last few seconds of his practice, he accidentally pulled off that move and was happy about it. He tried his best to ace that one move. Later, in the end, he met some of his old buddies from tryouts. Some were glad to see him growing, while others criticized him and believed he got selected by chance.

Ao Ashi Episode 17, titled “Tokyo Metropolis League Match 7,” will air on July 31, 2022, at midnight. It’s available on the Japanese local network. You can also catch it on Funimation and Crunchyroll. It will focus on Aoi’s new learning experience. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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