Arifureta Season 3 Confirmed! Release Date & More!

The makers have given Arifureta Season 3 the green flag at a video screening of the anime. They have decided to invest in the third installment of the anime after two successful seasons. Moreovver, the makers also revealed a poster and a video for the promotion of the anime. The story of the light novel series will be moving toward a captivating end in the next season of the anime. The information regarding the source light novel is present in the below paragraph!

Ryo Shirakome was the one who wrote the story of the titular light novel series. However, the illustrating artist for the light novel series was Takayaki. At first, Shosetsuka ni Naro was publishing the noel series in 2013. However, the light novel came to light on June 25, 2015. The Overlap foundation was publishing it in Overlap Bunko magazine. J-Novel Club is handling digital print, while Seven Seas is handling the paper print of the light novel in English. Let’s jump right on to the details regarding the announcement!

Arifureta Season 3 announcement came out through a video screening event. The latest video of the anime had clips from the past life of Hajime Nagumo. It was all about the darkness that covered Hajime in the past. However, the trailer carried hope and started giving positive vibes at the end. However, it confirmed that the next season would be full of action.

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The poster that came out in the announcement had visuals of Yue and Hajime. It seems that Yue will be playing a great role in the next season of the anime. Moreover, the weapons on the body of Hajime seem to be more powerful than before. The poster did not mention anything further on the other details of the third installment of the anime.

Most probably, Hajime and Yue will make it to the top in the new season of the anime. The video that came out regarding the anime had clips from the depression of Hajime. However, it picked his pace, and there were some solid fight scenes from Hajime and Yue in the new season of the anime. Hajime will be gathering new weapons in the latest episodes of the anime.

Moreover, they might also face continuous demons and monsters in the upper levels of the dungeon. However, they must strike back as it might be the last chance to escape. Hajime is at his peak currently. However, Yue will need to reform her performance in the new season of the anime. There will also be some backstory about the love life of Kaori and Hajime.

The announcement that came out recently just confirmed the making of the Arifureta Season 3. However, our team is still blank on the release date of the anime. The illustrations for the anime are gonna take time. Moreover, there will be much more production work than in the previous one. So keep following The Anime Daily for more updates regarding the next season of Arifureta!

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