Attack On Titan The Final Season: Special Event Announced! Release Date & More To Know

As the final season nears its ending, Attack on Titan, the most awaited show of the decade, has dropped new hints. A new visual is out! And fans will see their favorite characters in a unique spot. But why is this such a big fuss? Without further ado, here is everything you want to know about the new visual, the November 13 special event, the final release date, and the plot!

The series is based on Isayama Hajime’s iconic manga, Attack on Titan. Fans already know about the manga ending. However, Mappa studio is releasing Attack On Titan The Final Season in three parts. Many followers on Twitter and Reddit are even jokingly asking if Mappa wants to extend the show for another ten years and outcompete the Big Three. Whatever the outcome, fans are hoping for an ending that satisfies all. Is this utopian ending even possible that can bring the critics and the admirers on the same platform? Read on to know more.

The November special event is only two weeks away, and the anime characters appear to be quite thrilled about it. The recently out visual shows Eren, Jean, Mikasa, Armin, and others posing in their Friday best outfit. Fans saw the outfits already in the last scene of season 4, Part 2, during the Marley scout visit. But why Gabi is in her usual clothes? What may be the secret here? Isayama often uses subtle details like these to hint at things.

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As a result, this might be one of those important clues that fans may overlook. The November event promo film is out on Youtube. The video teases the anime cast and staff. Ando and Higuchi, who sang the ending themes Shogeki and Akuma no Ko, will also be present at the event. Popular TV announcer Chiaki Matsuzawa will chair it.

The conflict between the Eldians and the Marleyans continues to fill the battlefields with blood, ruin, and death. The Rumbling is a disaster taking place this season. It depicts a harsh and hopeless existence for all life concerned with the Marley and Eldians. While part two of the final season does not conclude The Rumbling, it does raise many questions for the anime-only audience. Will anybody be able to put an end to The Rumbling? Everything is fair in war and love, as the saying goes. But will love take a blind eye to this mass murder? All attention is on Mikasa. The final part will center on Mikasa’s feelings for Eren and how she deals with it.

Meanwhile, fans may have also noticed a parallel between Founder Ymir and Mikasa. When neither has a home nor a place to go, Mikasa joins the Yeagers and Ymir, her King. They both follow another man, which is shown throughout the manga. But Ymir could never let go of her King’s corrupt love. She sacrificed herself for the King and never judged his actions. Thus, what ultimate contrast do the creators have in store for the viewers in Season 4 final part? Will Mikasa stay slave to her feelings? Fans will have all the answers soon.

While opinions on the Manga ending may be split, fans are guessing that Isayama may tweak a few parts of the anime’s climax. That may be a good idea to please viewers. But let’s not forget that it’s the journey that matters and not the ending. So, when will the final part be out? Creators have announced that it will air in 2023. No exact date is out yet. But Mappa has a lot on its plate right now. Jujutsu Kaisen and Vinland Saga season 2 are also set to air in 2023. Don’t worry! We will keep you updated. Just keeping checking back only on this page. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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