Bastard Season 2 Confirmed: First Visual, Trailer, Release Date & More To Know

Now that the long wait is over, the most popular series is getting more parts with exciting new stories. The second season of Bastard: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy is set to come out on Netflix this year. After a promising first season, everyone is watching the original to see how the Kall-Su arc goes, and so far, everything seems to be going well. The first trailer and poster for Bastard Season 2 just came out, after all. Here is all the information you need!

This Netflix series was made with anime from Warner Bros. Japan. It was based on a long-running Japanese manga series with the same name that ran from 1988 to 2010. It paid tribute to Dungeons & Dragons and heavy metal with its graphic violence. On June 30, 2022, Netflix released the first 13 episodes of the first season all over the world. There was instantaneous acclaim for the show. Episodes 14–24 of the first season premiered on September 15. Like the first half, this was met with a warm reception.

The second season of Bastard!! was announced with a 60-second trailer that summarises the story up to this point. And sets up the Requiem of Hell arc. Dark Schneider, his host and alter ego Lucien Renlen, and Tia Noto Yoko, who took care of Lucien, were among the main characters from the first season.

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The current season’s cast and crew will keep working on the show for the next season. On the other hand, the cast got four brand-new actors. Sho Hayami will be Nils John Mifune’s voice actor, and Takuma Terashima will be Joshua Berahia. Junichi Suwabe and Koji Yusa, both veterans of the industry, will lend their voices to the roles of Yngwei von Mattstrom and Zion Sol Vanderverg.

At the start of the story, the Dark Rebel Army attacks the Kingdom of Metallicana in order to get Anthrasax back. Dark Schneider was the original leader of the Dark Rebel Army and a dark wizard. Metallicana’s high priest has asked his daughter to get in touch with him so that Dark Schneider can wake up again. Schneider is eventually shown to have come back to life as Lucien Renlen, a 14-year-old boy.

Dark Schneider is set free in the world once more. He has a new personality and quirks thanks to the high priest’s daughter, Tia Noto Yoko. Dark Schneider, Tia Noto Yoko, and their other friends go on a journey to stop Anthrasax from coming back. Along the way, they learn more about Dark Schneider’s past and the history of their world.

Everyone who wants to watch Bastard should watch the first season. Since it’s on Netflix right now, you can watch the whole anime series in one weekend. On January 9, 2023, the show’s creator, made the following announcement during a live webcast on Netflix’s anime channel. We know that the second season of the anime will come out in 2023. But no one has said when it will come out. Please keep coming back to check for more information.

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