Black Clover Chapter 334: Lucius Vs. Asta Round 1! Release Date

Lucius is growing stronger and wants to mold this world as he wants. Julius tried to stop him, but he took his life too. Now only Asta can save the world. But Lucius will be a strong opponent, especially when Lucius has absorbed Lucifero. He can control and summon Lucifero’s power. So fighting with Lucius all alone will be challenging for Asta in Black Clover Chapter 334. Will he win the battle? Let’s see!

Now in the 334th chapter, Lucius will fight with Asta to eliminate him from this world. He believes Asta is a flaw and can create problems for him in creating World Peace. But Asta will give him a tough fight. So Lucius will use someone dear to Asta to let him follow his orders. Who will be this person?

The following chapter will continue with Asta and Lucius’s fight. Asta summons the devil Union, which he achieves by breaking the Time Magic spell and skipping the time. It will make Lucius call Asta a troublesome person. This is because Asta uses Anti Magic which can nullify the effects of the powerful force. It will make Lucius transform into a truly human form. He will transform into a Seraphic form with multiple wings and a set of antlers.

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Asta will be surprised to learn that Lucius’ Ki no longer looks like a human or a devil. Despite this, Asta will continue to fight with Lucius, who will pick Sister Lily. Lucius uses Soul Magic to transform Lily’s soul and turn her into his subordinates. This transformation will petrify both Asta and Sister Lily, and she will calmly ask Asta to die for the sake of World Peace. Lucius then pushes Asta, and he falls to the ground.

Asta soon realized that it wasn’t Julius. But before that, Lucius stopped the time and froze everyone. But when he tried to touch Asta’s forehead, he activated his black form and forced Lucius to step back. Asta realized that everyone was trapped in a Time Magic spell, just like Julius. It left Lucius to admit that he had absorbed Lucifero, making Asta confused. But he demanded to know about Julius’s whereabouts. Lucius claimed he was dead and shared the bigger picture of his plan for true world peace.

Black Clover Chapter 334 will release on August 22, 2022. It will be available on Viz. The following chapter will focus on Asta and how he will deal with Lucius. Will he finally die? Well, it seems like Asta will save himself using his Anti-magic skills, which will irritate Lucius. But whatever happens, The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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