Black Clover Chapter 348: Asta’s Greatest Fear! Release Date & More

Fans are highly-anticipated at this moment when Asta would face off against Sister Lily, and it seems like it will happen now in Black Clover Chapter 348. The manga enthusiasts are praising the mangaka for such a brilliant twist in the story. It was a time when Ichika believed that she was the greatest member of the Ryuzen Seven who didn’t need Asta’s help. But he will finally prove her wrong. Isn’t it interesting? But how will it work out? Keep reading to learn this.

The 348th chapter will bring a plot twist. Since the Ryuzen Seven takes over the battle, they believe they can defeat the Paladins. But the previous chapter appeared as their biggest defeat of all time. However, Asta is on his way to help them. Can he master the new technique during the battle? Let’s see.

The upcoming chapter’s spoilers suggest Liebe and Asta will arrive on the battlefield. They discuss Ichika’s hallucination, while Yrul shames the Ryuzen Seven for falling prey to Lily and Heath’s trap. He then talks about how the human heart is weak, and they all have some fears, including Asta, promoting the awakening of his fears. But it will be exciting as Asta’s fears are his failures and weakness. A version of him then appears and slams him for not becoming a Wizard King, and he isn’t a match for Yuno.

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But the real Asta remains surprised after learning that his failures and weakness are his greatest fears. With the help of Perfect Zetten, he tries to eliminate the illusion claiming that his recent training allows him to become better. Soon, the monologue suggests that Asta is talentless, so he isn’t scared of anything and is determined to overcome his weakness by training hard. With this in mind, Asta uses his Perfect Zetten and seeks Lily as he wants to save her.

A star-like cluster suddenly bombarded the Ryuzen Seven, and Heath called they couldn’t escape from this attack. While Ichika pursued their attempt, Kezokaku used Yrul in sought help. He then used his Beast Magic: Bogeyman spell, creating a giant frog, terrifying her. Soon a little Gremlin-Esque creature formed beside Yrul. It made him realize this Lily’s attack had awakened their terrifying memories giving them a physical form. As for Ichika, she saw her friend, who treated her cruelly when she was young. It apparently frightened her. But during this time, she discovered something that her father gave her, Demon Soul Pills, destroying her clan.

Asta has been training hard to become stronger to save Sister Lily, the love of his life. But he never thought he, too, has terrifying memories of not becoming a Wizard King. Now Black Clover Chapter 348 will help him escape from this trap. The 348th chapter will come out at midnight on January 23, 2023. You can read it on Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and MangaPlus. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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