Black Summoner Episode 12: More Trouble Opens! Release Date & Plot

All the heroes seemed to be in trouble in the last episode. However, things will certainly come to rest in Black Summoner Episode 12. For the good part, there is no break in the release of this episode. However, the title and preview are not in the public domain thus far. Rion and Alex became the sole winners of the war by defeating the monster Gigant. But the trouble is still lurking over their heads. Without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about the episode.

In the following storyline, fans will get to know if the heroes have any chance of getting the upper hand in front of General Kavil. Being one of the final episodes of the show, new trouble will surely unfold in this episode very soon.

Fans are yet to get their hands on the final title and preview of the next episode. It was seen in the last episode that a lot of chaos was unfolding due to the revelation in favor of Lumil. Efil was almost saved from death. And Rion became the hero of the battles by killing the Gigant. But General Clive is still at large, and there is no way that one hero can fight him.

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Thus, the only way to save the village is by creating an alliance that might work under a strategy to fight him. Black Summoner Episode 12 is certainly going to be an action-packed outing. Starting with a battle sequence, we can hope to know if the war is going to continue in the final few episodes of the anime.

And when the man was found dead, many did not understand that it was a sacrifice. The last act of the chapter saw an attack by the giant monster known as Gigant Lord. But Rion was able to defeat the monster then and there. The chapter came to an end with Efil almost getting killed at the hands of General Clive.

Once again, there is no particular break in the release of the latest episode. Even though there has not been a final update, fans deem that Black Summoner Episode 12 is the last episode in the series. So, the final release date of the episode is September 25, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the episodes of the anime only on the official pages of Crunchyroll. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the intel right here.

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