Black Summoner Episode 4: Kelvin’s Unmasking! Release Date

The tables are about to be turned when the reveal finally happens in this week’s outing. Kelvin’s true identity seems to be revealed soon in Black Summoner Episode 4. The last we saw him helping Efil lift her curse, he will now get help from her to finish his quest. You will be surprised to see her new powers and skills, which will continue to grow in the upcoming episode. Further, it will be interesting how Kelvin hides his identity from the Prince.

Now in the fourth episode, Kelvin and his team will fight the monster, and with Efil’s help, he will be able to destroy it. It will ultimately raise Efil’s points, and she will prepare for her exam. But soon, a prince from the neighboring country will cross paths with Kelvin, leading to a huge conflict.

As per the speculations from the fans, the next episode will have the following storyline. A few days pass after Efil joined Kelvin’s team, and now he, Efil, and Jeral go on B-Class Dungeon to defeat the Anshi forest monster. Jeral handles the front while Efil uses the Blaze Arrow to destroy the monster. Jarel seems surprised to see this, so Kelvin explains that she receives the blessing of the fire dragon king after he breaks her curse. They discuss Efil’s abilities. Jeral seems shocked to learn that she currently has 400 points.

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After finishing hunting, they return and discuss the Rank C test. Kelvin reveals that it will be a mock battle against the exam officer Urd-San, who is also a Rank C adventurer. However, after Efil spooned-feed Kelvin, furious Angie-Chan decided to spoon-feed him too, and soon the air became denser. Soon the Prince of the Kingdom of Trisen, Tabura, arrives, and he has a heated conversation with Kelvin. But to amend things, he asks Kelvin to hand over Efil and Angie, which he refuses, leading to a huge battle.

Later, Kelvin purchased an enslaved woman, added her to his team, and trained her. However, later that day, he saw a beautiful half-elf enslaved person named Efil who was being under a curse that burned those who tried to touch her. However, Kelvin purchased her, helped break her curse, and for the first time, she touched people. Later that night, Kelvin was forced to share his bed with Efil, waking him up all night.

Black Summoner Episode 4 will air on July 30, 2022, at 10 pm JST on Tokyo Max. You can also stream it on Crunchyroll and Ani One Asia’s YouTube Channel. It will focus on Kelvin’s new enemy and how he will deal with it. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right here.

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