Blue Giant Anime Film: Visual & Staff Details Revealed! Release Date

The official sources of the titular manga announced the Blue Giant anime film. The film has gone on a halt for a year. But the production has decided to finally release the project without any delay. The production work is just a bit more left. The musical journey of Miyotama from a basketball player to a saxophone player is quite enthusiastic. The production has also released a visual to create hype around the upcoming anime film. The makers also have staff details. But before moving on to further details, here are some details about the source manga of the anime, which you should know!

The source manga is the result of catchy writing and illustration by Shinichi Ishizuka. Shogakukan published the manga in its Big comic magazine. The original run of the manga started on May 10, 2013. Let’s move ahead to the details without any further ado!

The official website of Blue Giant manga announced the release date of the Blue Giant anime film. The makers have also revealed a visual. The visual has an enlarged image of the moon in the background. The part of the lighting is of the night in the visual. The lead character of Miyamoto is passionately playing saxophone in the visual.

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The color shading in the visual is excellent. TOHO animation has taken a right to distribute the film. The direction of the upcoming anime film is under the hand of Yuzuru Tachikawa. Number 8 has written the screenplay of the upcoming film. Number 8 has also edited the Blue Giant manga in the past.

The film is based on the plot of the original manga. So the plot will follow the manga story. It is a story of a student who is a basketball player. This student is Miyamoto Dai. His life turns upside down when he experiences a live jazz performance. The music chords strike the tone of his heart. He becomes so obsessed with the saxophone that he can’t let it go.

He leaves basketball and goes on the journey to become a full-time saxophone player. Miyamoto starts moving forward without any formal training. He follows his passion with full dedication. But the question is if the passion will take him to new heights of music?

The official sources have announced that the release date of the Blue Giant anime film is February 17, 2023. The film was supposed to release this year. But some indescribable issues halted the release of the anime film. We will update this section if other details pop out in the meantime! Till then, enjoy other articles from The Anime Daily Team!

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