Blue Lock Chapter 187: The Last Goal! Release Date

This week’s release in the world of matches is Blue Lock Chapter 187. In the last outing, it was seen that Isagi is still analyzing what happened in the last goal. But it was an eye-opening event for him. He came to know that Meta Vision was not something that only he could perform. The move was something that many players could ace. So now, he must get a goal at his hands, or the chance of playing at the world cup would be lost. Here is all you need to know about the chapter.

In the following storyline, Nagi will join hands with Reo and play for the final goal. But Kunigami is sure to make fun of Isagi when he gets the chance. It will be interesting to see what unfolds in this outing!

The title of the next chapter will be “Cross Road.” The outing opened with the conversation between Reo and Nagi. Reo told him that he wanted his help because he had been the one not being chosen many times. There will be a long and tedious conversation between the two. But after knowing that Nagi was not willing to offer help, all he could say was that he was a selfish man and thought of no one.

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The chapter will then cut to a conversation between Kunigami and Isagi. The latter will come to him only to give him a look. However, Kunigami will taunt him that it was a nice pass that he did. Blue Lock Chapter 187 will come to an end, with the game starting once again. This is the point where Isagi will put up a new strategy in the game.

Elsewhere, Mikage Reo was also troubled to know that Isagi was becoming a monster with each move. Even though he was not able to get the goal, he still outperformed all the players. All he said to himself was that he never wanted to be the guy who was not chosen. The chapter came to an end with Isagi asking for Reo’s help.

Kunigami’s move was not something that would be considered ethical in the world of football. So now, only fate will get the call of Isagi Yoichi. Blue Lock Chapter 187 will release this week without any break. The final release date of the chapter is September 7, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manga only on the official pages of Kodansha. At last, The Anime Daily is your place to get all the updates right here!

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