Blue Lock Episode 15: ‘The Never Say Die Attitude!’ Plot & Release Date

In the last outing, our dynamic duo Isagi and Nagi dove back into the second stage with one goal in mind: self-improvement. But just as they were making progress, Barou and Naruhaya threw a wrench in their plans. The match was intense, with Isagi facing new challenges and Nagi barely keeping the score tied. Will they be able to pull out a win? Here is all you need to know about Blue Lock Episode 15 release date & plot!

Next time in Blue Lock, the match is going to be a nail-biter. Nagi and Isagi will be put to the ultimate test as they face off against Barou and Naruhaya. The stakes are high as Isagi struggles to prove himself. Keep reading to find out more!

The title of the Blue Lock Episode 15 is not out yet. As Yoichi Isagi takes the field in episode 15, he knows he has a challenge ahead. Ichigo will struggle to make an impact in one-on-one situations. None of his weapons seem to be effective against the rival players. But Isagi is poised to find a solution. The key to victory is defeating Naruhaya, his toughest opponent yet. But so far, he hasn’t been able to do it.

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As the match heats up, Isagi starts to make progress. He finds out that Naruhaya has a tendency to overcommit to his tackles. It leaves him vulnerable to counterattacks. Armed with this new knowledge, Isagi will start to turn the tide of the match. He will outsmart Naruhaya, using his speed to evade his tackles. With the match on the line, Isagi will pull out all the stops. Does he have a new weapon he was working on to tackle the game? Only Blue Lock Episode 15 will unfold!

In the holding room before the match, Isagi and Nagi came face to face with their opponents, Barou and Naruhaya. To start the match off with a bang, Nagi provoked Barou into a fight while Naruhaya reminded them of the 24-hour waiting period before the next match-up. As they strategized in the cafeteria, Naruhaya confronted Isagi and revealed they shared the same issue of not being picked if their team lost. Furthermore, He confessed that he wanted Nagi on his team instead of Isagi. Thus, the two agreed to go against each other in the match.

The game began, and Barou scored a goal with a shot that exceeded his normal range. Nagi quickly figured out his formula and scored two goals. Isagi kept experimenting with different tactics during the game. Meanwhile, Naruhaya quickly passed the ball to Barou for another goal. He told Isagi that they chose his team as they thought they could beat him. Naruhaya then started using his weapon to try and score a goal. Isagi’s adaptability was put to the test as he fought to come out on top.

Blue Lock Episode 14 is set to drop on Saturday, January 21, 2023, at 11:00 AM PST. For fans in Japan, you can catch it on TV Asahi. But for the rest of us international folks, we’ve got Crunchyroll. And, for Asian fans, you can catch it on Netflix. But only if you live in select regions like India, Hong Kong, and Thailand. It’s going to be a real knockout! So, stay tuned to the Anime Daily for more updates!

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