Boruto Episode 259: Who Is The Flutist Girl? Release Date

The Boruto Episode 259 will bring the pace to the slow-going stream of the past two episodes. However, the last episode gave a break to the Uzumaki family from all the chaos that they were involved in. The Uzumaki family took a vacation to get a break from the busy schedule. Moreover, the current storyline is not so promising to the viewers. But the fans liked the tone of the last episode. A soothing break after a series of ongoing problems and chaos was quite good for the anime fans.

The next episode will be focused on Mitsuki. Mitsuki is the friend of Boruto, Kawaki, and Himawari. The preview that came out recently points out that the topic of the upcoming episode will just be a trivial matter. However, the makers are looking to introduce a new girl character in the anime. But then there is some mystery about it, which will get its revelation in the upcoming episode of the anime.

The Boruto Episode 259 preview gave a hint on the storyline for the new episode. The preview hinted that Mitsuki would lose his cat in the upcoming episode. Since Mitsuki is involved in this tension, his friends will also come to help him. So it is confirmed that Himawari, Boruto, and Kawaki will accompany him in the search for his cat. There was also the introduction of a girl who was playing flute in the preview trailer. Moreover, it seems that she is in deep pain.

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But the puzzle of the armored warrior is still unsolved. The ghost appeared in the family photo of Boruto. Boruto senses uneasiness from this ghost. However, Kawaki dealt lightly with this matter. It is not clear if it is a ghost or if someone is following Naruto on his vacation. But the flames that appeared around the armored ghost in the previous episode seem lethal. Boruto and Kawaki will make sure to take care of it.

Moreover, both of them were playing in a competition at the inn, which won them a family picture. Then the Uzumaki family played a ping pong game. Kawaki and Naruto were on the one side, and Naruto and Hinata were on the other side. It was quite exciting to watch the Uzumaki family playing the match. However, Naruto and Hinata won at the end of the match.

The official release date for the Boruto Episode 259 is July 24, 2022. The upcoming episode will release on the Japanese TV networks at 5:30 pm JST. However, the release time for different time zones. That’s it from our side. Keep yourself posted with anime updates by visiting the articles from The Anime Daily!

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