Boruto Episode 270: Two Sides Of The Same Coin! Release Date & Plot!

Boruto Episode 270 will repsent the mischiefs at Academy. The previous episode completely solved the case of the assassination of Princess Kae. However, it turned out that the assassin was the man of Minister from the Land of Bamboo. But Kawaki smells something fishy as the assassin burned himself when he got caught.

The upcoming episode might reveal the mishappenings at the Academy. There are some hidden elements in the academy that might be working for the enemy. So Kawaki must figure out the true identity of this person and report it to the Hokage’s office. Academy is the center of learning for Leaf Village, and anything harmful there will scare the people. Read the following article to get hold of the upcoming plot of the anime episode!

The end credit scene of the previous episode implied betrayal in Boruto Episode 270. Most probably, someone from the academy will mess things up in the upcoming episode of the anime. Himawari was going to attend the Academy. However, it turned out that Kawaki was also going to attend the Academy due to some official work. Both of them will face the problem at the Academy.

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However, the Shinobi sensed something as soon as he entered the Academy with Himawari. Someone was keeping a watch over them. But the stalker was so fast that Kawaki did not find any trace of him or her. It seems that the stalker is present in the academy. Moreover, it might be anyone in the Academy carrying the skin of another person. That’s why the title of the episode is Two Sides Of The Same Coin.

The 269th episode of Boruto started with Hana sensei’s meeting up with the students after her accident. The scene then shifted to Hokage Office, where Naruto dismissed Kawaki from the case. However, Himawari and Kawaki teamed up to find the culprit behind the assassination of princess Kae. Both of them got photos of the festival from Sosha.

However, they got to know that Barto was telling a lie when he said that he did not come to the festival. So Kawaki quickly rushed to Kae’s residence. However, he found out that the assassin was there to kill Barto and Kae. Kawaki finished the assassin after a tough fight. However, he exploded, and it came to light that his mastermind was a minister from Bamboo.

Boruto Episode 270 will come out on October 9, 2022. It will be much more fun to watch a new episode with the thrill of a new problem in the upcoming episode. It will be available to watch on the official website Crunchyroll also. Keep following The Anime Daily for more updates regarding the Boruto anime in the future!

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