Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Chapter 71: Code Leaves Ada Behind! Release Date

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Chapter 71 will focus on Code’s mission and how he will deal with Kawaki. In the previous chapter, Delta, Amado, and Shikamaru were locked in the same place. Shikamaru told Ada that if she stayed beside Code, Kawaki would see her as an enemy. Meanwhile, Code remained under Ada’s spell. However, Daemon challenged Code for a fight when he tried to deal with Amado.

In the upcoming chapter, Code and Daemon will have a huge fight. Code will underestimate Daemon, which will create problems for him. But later, Code decides to deal with his mission instead of focusing his energy on fighting Daemon. He will also have a word with Ada, leaving her in a challenging position. Keep reading to know more.

Code will try to kill Amado, but Daemon will interfere and stop Code. He will overpower Code. Code seemed not interested in a small fight. He doesn’t want to fight with Daemon. However, Daemon will charge an attack, leaving great damage to Code. After being defeated by a small fighter, Code will decide to retreat the Claw Mark and use the Bug. As for Amado, she will have a word with Ada. Meanwhile, Deamon curses Code and taunts him that he is nothing without his limiters.

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He also cites that he is number one and doesn’t care what the second best can do. It will hit Code hard, and he will have a word with Ada before deciding to separate. He reveals that he will soon become an Otsutsuki, so her ability won’t affect him anymore. Code also clarifies that once he returns, he will know whether he wants to kill her or he loves her for real. Amado will reveal that he wants to protect Kawaki. Code’s anger and hatred for Kawaki will create a mess.

He still needed her help. But she decided to side with Konoha. It meant Daemon could go with her. But Code wanted to fight with her sibling before accomplishing his mission, regardless if Amado could remove him. Meanwhile, Shikamaru spotted Ada doing something merciless. She activated her Senrigan ability. Now Amado’s information would help Shikamaru to fight back with Ada. Amado also suspected something was wrong.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Chapter 71 will release on June 20, 2022. However, the manga series will go on a break for almost three months. Instead of the new chapter releasing in July, it will start publishing in October. So fans have to wait. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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