Call Of The Night Episode 10: Will More Vampires Rebel? Release Date & More!

Call Of The Night Episode 10 carried a much deeper message than the previous ones. The previous episode featured the love story of Akiyama and Seri. Nazuna is already on the radar of the coven for befriending Ko. However, one more vampire, Seri, also joined the Nazuna’a club. She disclosed her relationship with the Akiyama in the previous episode. So this news has spread to the coven.

It seems that the coven might run a trial on Seri in the next episode. However, Seri has also made Akiyama a vampire in the previous episode. This might make Seri escape from the punishment. But she will face punishment from the coven for proceeding without permission. It will also raise questions about Nazuna’s relationship with Ko. Check out the article below for more insight into the upcoming episode of the anime!

Call Of The Night Episode 10 will face the consequence of the previous episode. The coven might go on a hunt for Akiyama as he was the one who was after Seri. Moreover, Seri will get punishment from the coven for a relationship with a human. But Seri will also drag Nazuna in it if she gets punished for friendship with a human. It will be interesting to watch the feud between the vampires and the coven.

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The next plot point of the next episode will be the root level change in the thinking of the coven. The Vampire committee might consider the trend of befriending humans as most vampires subconsciously loved someone in their life. However, they could not express their feelings and buried them for the sake of the rules. So other vampires might come to protect Seri in the next episode.

Suddenly, Seri and Nazuna appeared in that alley together. Seri tried to kill Akiyama two times in a row in the previous episode. She revealed after it that she had affection for Seri, but she could not do anything due to the rules of the coven. However, both of them started spending time together after that incident. Moreover, they came so close that Seri bit on Akiyama’s neck to convert him into a vampire.

The titular anime is riding toward interesting plot points in the upcoming episodes. That’s why the viewer ratings of this anime are increasing exponentially. Call Of The Night Episode 10 will release on September 9, 2022. So brace yourself for another soothing episode from the titular anime in a couple of days. Don’t forget to visit The Anime Daily for more updates!

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