Call Of The Night Episode 9: Nazuna On Her Way To Fall In Love? Release Date & More!

Call Of The Night Episode 9 might be the first episode will Nazuna will make an emotional move. The previous episode was where Yamori came to know about his limited time. He will not become a vampire if he does not fall in love with Nazuna in a year. Moreover, there is doubt in Yamori’s mind about his survival after one year. The other vampires might kill Yamori because he knows much about vampire society.

The upcoming episode of the anime will be an emotional ride for Nazuna. She has started getting her feelings for Yamori. Yamori’s friend Miharu made Nazuna jealous of his relationship. Nazuna showed some affection towards Yamori by grabbing his hand. The relationship that started with the lust for blood has now become an emotional relationship. Check out more from the upcoming episode in the article below!

Call Of The Night Episode 9 will carry Nazuna in the limelight. Moreover, the move Nazuna made at the end of the episode indicated her concern for Yamori. But she has to fall in love with Yamori in a year to make him a vampire. Moreover, the colleagues of Nazuna are looking for a chance to finish Yamori as soon as they can. Yamori’s friend also seems to have a soft corner for Akira.

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The plot of the upcoming episode seems unpredictable for now. On one side, Nazuna ignores Yamori and does not spend with the other. However, she is also the one who showers her love on Yamori. This love-hate relationship of Nazuna is confusing the fans. However, it might become clear in the upcoming episodes as anime explores that side of Nazuna.

Yamori follows everything as it was present on the list. But Nazuna becomes irritated with it and cancels the date. Soon she realized that she should not abandon Yamori like this. Therefore, she goes on a flight with Yamori ad urges him to be himself. However, Yamori meets his childhood friends Akira and Miharu on their way back. Nazuna observes Miharu’s intimacy with his girlfriend and tries the same with Yamori. It creates a flood of emotions in Yamori’s mind.

Call Of The Night Episode 9 will be out on September 2, 2022. However, the local TV networks of Japan will broadcast the show late at night on September 1, 2022. It will be available on the official pages of Crunchyroll and Bilibili for the international audience. Keep following The Anime Daily and check out more articles from our anime section!

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