Chainsaw Man Chapter 119: On A Two-Week Break! Release Date

The latest update on the new chapter will not be taken in good spirits. Well, that is because the update is about a delay in the release. The latest schedule from Viz Media confirms that the chapter is coming out after a leap of a fortnight. This has become quite a regular format for the manga’s schedule. Next in line for the month is Chainsaw Man Chapter 119. The chapter will continue to explore the character of the mad fan Haruka Iseumi. Here is everything you need to know about it!

In the following storyline, there will come many ups and downs in the equation of Asa and Denji. The two are going for a movie night at the latter’s house. But the outing will be nothing like how it seems at the time.

In the last scene of the chapter, Asa mentioned that going to a movie was particularly expensive for the two of them. Thus, it was decided that they would buy a DVD and watch the movie at home. And Denji’s place was decided for the final plan. However, before finalizing the plan, Denji gave a disclaimer that she would have to follow the rules of his house or she would end up dying a gruesome death.

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Now, Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 will open with more information on Haruka. Only little is known about this suspicious young man. But what we do know is the fact that he tried to name himself as the real chainsaw man. However, in actuality, he is only a fan of the hero that just emerged some time ago.

The title of Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 was “Saying Goodbye.” The chapter started with the conversation between Asa and Yoru. The devil mentioned that all their attempts to convert Denji should have worked until now. But Asa said that transforming a person only worked when such feelings were mutual from both sides. And this was not the case here. Asa then took her leave to take ample rest. But she went on to ask how Fami was.

Yoru said that she was the Famine Devil, who he had not met in a very long time. The devil went to sleep without answering all her questions. At night, she kept thinking about Denji and his coldness for her. On the next day, Denji offered a movie night to Asa, but she refused. The chapter then came to an end with a scene showing Haruka spying on these two.

Just as the 118th chapter came out, the searches for the new one saw a huge surge. As of the time of writing, the final release date of the new chapters is nowhere near us. So, Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 will finally come out on February 1, 2023. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manga only on the official pages of Viz Media and Shonen. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right here.

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