Chihayafuru Manga Spinoff: Officially Confirmed In Fall! Release Date & More!

The publishing house Kodansha announced the Chihayafuru Manga Spinoff in its magazine issue. The manga based on the game of karuta will explore the deep insight into the life of Chihaya Ayase. This spinoff will appear soon in the fall of this year. Moreover, the publishers have planned to make it the highlight of the upcoming print of the magazine. The spinoff manga will also appear with its final book volume on December 13, 2022. Here are some details on the latest announcement that came from the side of the makers.

Yuki Suetsugu is the writer and illustrator of the original manga. The manga began its serialization in December 2007. Kodansha serialized the manga in its Be Love magazine. The most recent 49th volume of the manga was released on July 13, 2022. Kodansha Comics is also publishing the manga digitally. Let’s move on to the further details on the spinoff version of the original text!

The fans are insanely excited for the spinoff series of the manga. The original manga started with the present days of Chihaya. It had only glimpses of the past of Chihaya. However, the fans will get to know about the characters in the upcoming spinoff manga. The titular manga has received three anime adaptations. However, they did not visit the learning of Chihaya in her initial days. The anime adaptations are also available on digital platforms like HIDIVE.

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The original plot of the story started with the Chihaya, who had mastered the kurta game. However, the spinoff manga will explore her learning days. The days when she used to learn the game from Arata. She started having an interest in the game after meeting Arata. It will be the journey of Chihaya from a beginner to the master-level player of the game of Kurta.

It will also include the separation of the Chihaya and Arata. The soulful separation between these two characters of the manga will leave the fans in tears. Even the glimpses of their separation in the original manga were emotional. Moreover, the spinoff manga will give an insight into Arata’s past. What was the reason behind his hostile nature? Where did he come from? All of the questions will unravel their answers in the spinoff manga!

The Chihayafuru Manga Spinoff will make its debut in Be Love’s December issue. Therefore, it will release on November 1, 2022. However, it has marked its place in the 50th book volume of the titular manga. The final compilation of the book volume will release on December 13, 2022. The manga will run as a side story with the original manga. Keep reading the articles from The Anime Daily! Check out the articles below for more updates!

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