Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Episode 6: Suzune’s LAST PLAN! Release Date

One more week has passed, and fans continue to look forward to what Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Episode 6 holds in store for them. The scenes of the Sports Festival continued, and everyone was suspicious of Kikyo and her intentions. Kiyotaka and Suzune were almost sure that he was betraying the team because of a few private points. So, who is the perpetrator? What will happen in the following storyline? Here is all you need to know about it.

In the next episode, fans will be able to see what Suzune plans to change the entire plot around the Sports Festival. As soon as she saw her brother, she had a plan planted in her head. The entire tracing will be cleared in the next outing.

The title and plot details in the form of a preview are yet to be released. COTE usually refrains from mentioning any such details before the premiere. Thus, the hype and curiosity for upcoming outings sustain. So, Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Episode 6 will open with the pov of Suzune. In the last episode, she saw that her brother was lurking aimlessly in the hallways. This only meant one thing.

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However, she did not reveal what she was going to do. She only said that there was one thing that she needed to do. The sixth episode will reveal Suzune’s intentions to everyone. The girl had been meaning to do one last thing for the festival. And so, this would come to the table in the following episode.

Later on, Kei told Kiyotaka that Class-D might have leaked the information so that Sudo could become an easy target in the end. Sudo also so this and got enraged with whatever was happening around him. The last part of the episode saw that Suzune found her brother lurking in the hallways. This gave her an idea, and she left without telling anyone about the plan that she was about to execute.

In the next two days, fans will be able to catch up with all the ups and downs that are currently taking place in the chaos of the classrooms. There is no break in the release of this episode. Thus, Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Episode 6 will release on August 8, 2022. Fans will be able to watch all the episodes of the anime only on the official pages of Crunchyroll. At last, keep in touch with The Anime Daily to get all the updates of it right here.

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