DanMachi Season 4 Episode 6: Bell’s Next Quest! Release Date

Lilly is glad to learn about Bell’s victory, but her happiness won’t last long. Now, in DanMachi Season 4 Episode 6, she will learn something about Bell which will upset her. Lilly will also deal with the foreign matter in order to keep Bell away from other girls. But will she succeed in her mission? Meanwhile, the episode will focus on fans’ favorite characters’ fifth anniversary. Indeed Danmemo and Fianna have been together for five years, and it’s time for a grand celebration. So get ready for it. Keep reading to know more.

Everyone will be in a festive mood in the sixth episode as Bell finally destroys the Moss Huge. But their celebration period will be short-lived. As for Lilly, she will spot Bell with someone and end up being jealous. She will undoubtedly pick a fight with Bell because of her insecurity.

The following episode, “Rabbit’s Foot,” will focus on Lilly’s jealousy. Everyone will be busy celebrating their victory as they have finally defeated and destroyed the Moss Huge. But their celebration will be cut short due to the murder. Everyone will try to figure out who infiltrated their place and kill that person. Meanwhile, Lilly and Bell will remain the same. Although she’s grown up and matured, she will still spy on Bell-sama, as he attracts much attention.

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As for Bell-sama, he will try to help others and get to the bottom of the murder case. But many women will be impressed by his behavior and bravery, which will piss Lilly off. It will also focus on Lilly’s back story and why she behaves like this when she’s around Bell. Back to the present, Lilly will call him a womanizer when she spots him with a woman when she visits him to serve the second dinner. The following episode will also pay tribute to Danmemo and Fianna’s tragic past life and their 5th anniversary.

After learning about the Moss Huge, Bell decided to fight him alone. He adjusted his newfound strength, which he got from the lower floors. Later Bell combined Hestia Knife with Firebolt, and Argonaut spells, creating a powerful move named Argo Vesta which he used to defeat the Moss Huge. Marie thanked Bell for his help and later celebrated their victory with their friends.

DanMachi Season 4 Episode 6, titled “Rabbit Foot,” will air on August 25, 2022, at 1.05 am JST. It will be available on Bilibili. The following episode will focus on Bell and Lilly’s story arc and how they will deal with the new changes. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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