Delicious Party Precure Episode 21: Ran Is In Trouble AGAIN! Release Date

DPP is making headlines almost every week for all good reasons. And this week, Ran will be in trouble in Delicious Party Precure Episode 21. Fans love it when Amane helps her friends overcome their trouble. She is more like a motherly figure who works to save her relationship with others. And now Kokone and Amane have also become friends to add to the excitement. So things will be pretty interesting between them. Now let’s see how things will unfold now. Keep reading further to know what happens next.

In the 21st episode, Amane will be glad to learn that things are going well at the party. However, after learning that her favorite sweets shop is endangered, Ran worries. Meanwhile, Narcistoru will fight with his opponent. However, Kokone will try to defend someone.

In the next episode, everyone will be ready for the party, but Narcistoru will be embarrassed by his outfit. He thinks it is way too much to wear a white tuxedo. He believes that it’s too gross to overdress for just a meal. However, Amane will be happy to see Ran and Yui behaving well. Now she will have more confidence in Ran after seeing her behaving well. Meanwhile, Ran seems worried as her favorite sweets shop will be on the edge of closing. She will voice her concern, and her friends will try to find a way to help her.

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Now in Delicious Party Precure Episode 21, Ran and others will make a plan to promote the sweets shop. Amane will come up with the idea that they should make some videos of the shop to let more and more people know about it. Meanwhile, the others will prepare themselves for a fight. Narcistoru will attack his opponent while Kokone will defend someone.

Kokone was touched to see Amane doing so much for her. It lets them bond, and they also get to know each other. Meanwhile, Amane seemed fascinated to learn the new side of Kokone when they went to the Rental Dress Studio. No doubt, Kokone liked Yui and Ran, but she couldn’t compare that she liked how Amane was making things easier for them. Later that night, Kokone and Amane were the final pair in the dance competition, along with Yui and Takumi.

Delicious Party Precure Episode 21 will air on July 31, 2022, on ANN. It will be available to stream on Crunchyroll. Fans will finally learn how Ran and her group will help her favorite sweets shop to boost their sale. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get all the updates of new anime releases.

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