Delicious Party Precure Episode 26: Will It Be Offboard As The Last One? Release Date

Delicious Party Precure Episode 26 might uncover the misunderstandings from the previous one. The previous episode was quite imbalanced in terms of the plot. The missing shot of Nacistrou did not seem natural. It looked like he deliberately made that attempt to make his certain status. There were no wrong deeds of Narcistrou in the previous episode. He felt like a goody in two shoes.

The next episode might clear all the doubts that fans have about this episode. Moreover, the problem of character development appears before the makers. Yui and Manatsu are not getting the exposure they should get. They are getting bounded in a certain character line which has stopped them from growing. However, the other characters from the anime have grown a lot.

Delicious Party Precure Episode 26 will be the best chance for Yui to prove himself. The previous episode has sparked a section of fans who directly support it. Moreover, the boundaries of action do not provide the character the space to perform well in the episodes. So it might fix itself in the next episode of the anime.

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Moreover, the second most important thing for the next episode is Narcistrou’s truth. Why is he helping everyone? The previous episode just changed the perception of this character from the anime. It might make clear why he kidnapped Recipipi in the past. He was quite supportive and gentle in the previous episode. So there would be nothing better than to reveal the truth.

Delicious Party Precure Episode 25 started with Spiritoru, Ran, and Kokone. Narcistrou’s partner saved Ran and Kokone from the fall. This incident happened out of the blue, and there was no relevance to it. Thereafter, Narcistrou and his minion move with Ubau- Zo to cheer him up. All this time, Spiritoru and Narcistrou were kind and gentle to the opposing side.

The scene then shifted to Yui, who was in his natural character. He was just doing some pretty activities throughout the anime. The only highlight of the previous episode was the camping trip with Amane. The concept of Skewer also came at the end of the episode. It was a bit confusing to understand, but it seemed that it was a cliffhanger.

Delicious Party Precure Episode 26 will release on September 4, 2022. There is not any official info on the delay of the anime. So the next episode will release according to its schedule. It will be available to watch on the official page of Tv Asahi. Keep following The Anime Daily for more such updates!

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