Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89: Next Generation Fighters! Release Date & Plot

As the dust settled on Planet Cereal, and Goku and Vegeta made their hasty exit, a new chapter in the Dragon Ball saga began to unfold. Enter Black Freiza, the latest baddie to grace the pages of the manga. Fans thought they had the villain figured out. But Whis dropped a bombshell, revealing that the strongest in the universe is yet to appear. Who could this person be? Here is all you need to know about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 plot and release date. 

After a three-month hiatus that felt longer than a Namekian year, Dragon Ball Super is back. And this time, the focus is shifting from the tried-and-true Goku and Vegeta dynamic to the next-generation fighters: Goten and Trunks! Expect some epic training montages, some father-son bonding, and probably a lot of accidental property damage. But keep reading to find out all the juicy details!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 will begin with the ‘Super Hero Arc.’ It’s time to put the action on hold and focus on the love story we’ve all been missing. Trunks and Mai will heat up the pages as their romance takes center stage. This is the chapter where fans can finally put their ‘shipper’ hat on. But don’t fret, there’s still a little bit of action because it’s Dragon Ball Super, after all. This chapter will connect all the dots from the Future Trunks Saga and give you the ultimate romantic payoff. Fans will see Mai and Trunks in the school setting. 

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Trunks will try to woo her with his charming ways. However, that’s not the only thing that the chapter has in store for us. As the last panel of chapter 88 hinted, Dr. Hedo will make his return with a new operation. Undoubtedly, he will put Trunks, Mai, and Goten in a precarious position. The chapter will also be tying in with the upcoming film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. So it’s possible that we may see Piccolo, Gohan, and other characters from the film. Will Trunks and Mai’s romance survive the chaos? Will Goten and Trunks defeat Dr. Hedo? All will unfold soon!

However, their efforts are soon put to the test when they come across a group of robbers hauling their loot. Without hesitation, Trunks and Goten spring into action, smashing the crooks’ guns. The heroes quickly fend off the robbers. As the chapter came to a close, the heroes pounded their chests and made heroic postures, signaling their arrival as the new protectors of the town. The chapter ended with a hint of a change of spotlight from Goku and Vegeta.

Dr. Hedo seems to be up to no good, gathering funds for the return of the Red Ribbon Army. But don’t fret. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 will hit the stands on January 19, 2023. And you can catch up on all the action on Viz Media and Manga Plus. So, charge up your Kamehameha and stay tuned for more updates from The Anime Daily!

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