Edens Zero Season 2: Teaser Visual & Release Date Out!

The official page of the titular franchise disclosed the Edens Zero Season 2 recently. The voyage anime’s first season came out in Japan in April 2021. It is a heartwarming tale of the search for mother on a legacy plane. The character of Shiki has justified the emotions of witnessing a human in the anime. That’s why the anime is getting a second installment. But here is everything you need to know about the source manga!

Hiro Mashima has written and illustrated the source manga for the anime. It belongs to the Science fantasy genre. Kodansha published the manga in its Weekly Shonen Magazine. Its serialization originally began on June 27, 2018. The manga also received an anime adaptation that aired on Nippon TV in Japan. Moreover, its success led Netflix to acquire the streaming rights for the anime. Check out more of the announcement in the article below!

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The announcement for Edens Zero Season 2 came out on the official Twitter account of the titular anime. The announcement also included a teaser visual of the anime’s second season. The teaser visual featured Shiki, Rebecca, and her cat friends in the front of the visual. Moreover, it also had the depiction of the ship Edens Zero in the teaser visual of the anime. There is also the presence of characters from the previous season in the visual.

The presence of the crew in the visual depicts that they will also accompany Shiki this time. So the case from the previous season is returning without any change. Moreover, the depiction of Shiki in the visual represented that the search will continue in this season also. The makers also revealed the release details for the new season in the announcement.

The second season of the titular anime will continue from the end of the first season. The first season ended after the fight between Kurenai and Shiki. However, Shiki could not achieve the goal of going to Kurenai’s planet. He was in search of a new crew member called Shining Stars. This Shining Star was Valkyrie. She was not present on the planet when Shiki reached there. Moreover, he engaged in a fight with Kurenai.

So Shiki will continue his search and look for Valkyrie. The previous season-ending depicted that Valkyrie is not dead yet. She is not present on the Sun Jewel planet. But she had escaped from there due to Kurenai’s rule. It seems that Valkyrie is hiding something from her. It will become the plot point for the new season of the anime if there is something unusual about it.

The makers of the anime did not reveal the particular date of Edens Zero Season 2. Moreover, they have released a release window for it. The anime might release anytime during that period. The anime will release in 2023. The final release date might appear in the fall of this year. However, keep following our page for updates regarding this section. The Anime Daily Page will keep you posted on the updates as soon as they come out!

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