Eleceed Chapter 199: Jiwoo Plans His Next Move! Release Date

Eleceed Chapter 199 will deal with the aftermath of the fight. Well, Jiwoo had defeated Duke and Authur, and since then, he had become the talk of the town. So when Jiwoo challenged Glant, he accepted his proposal and decided to fight. But fighting with this huge monster wasn’t that easy. Jiwoo faced plenty of challenges as Glant had already figured out his weakness. But despite all this, he gave Glant a tough fight.

In the 199th chapter, Jiwoo will face the consequences of his fight. Everyone will start acknowledging him as a top student of the academy. He will get some offers from the students. Meanwhile, Jiwoo and Kayden will work on a plan to deal with Luterain. Keep reading to know more.

Everyone in the academy is surprised after seeing Glant Gesimov on the floor. Now everyone has an eye on Jiwoo. After defeating Glant, the top ten academic scholar students will approach Jiwoo to join their group. At first, it was quite hard for them to believe that an exchange student had won the match. But after coming back to their senses, they decide to let him join their group.

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Meanwhile, some will be scared of Jiwoo and won’t want to stay near him, while others will offer their friendship. Eleceed Chapter 198 will bring new challenges to Jiwoo’s life. As for Kayden, he will continue to heal in his cat form. But they can’t forget that Luterain’s matriarch wants Kayden’s descendent. So now they will devise a plan to deal with Luterain’s matriarch without getting on her bad list.

But Jiwoo devised a plan and used his speed to reach Glant. But he used his defense armor to stop Jiwoo. He had difficulty in dealing with Glant while Glant continued to use his defense armor. So Jiwoo challenged Glant to attack rather than defend. With Glant’s one hit, Jiwoo collapsed to the ground. Everyone wondered how Jiwoo defeated Duke and Authur when he couldn’t infiltrate Glant’s armor. While everyone was questioning his abilities, he recalled what Kayden had informed him. So he used all his power to attack Glant, and in the end, Jiwoo won the match.

Eleceed doesn’t follow an even release pattern. But the previous two chapters were released within 5-8 days. So deeming this timeframe, we can expect that Eleceed Chapter 199 will release on June 25, 2022. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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