Eleceed Chapter 210: Can Jiwoo Defeat The World Ranker? Release Date & More!

Eleceed Chapter 210 will be full of action and emotions as the last one. The previous chapter witnessed the novice fighters against the World Ranker. They did not stand a chance against him. However, they managed to buy some time for the teachers. It was well proved in the previous chapter that the rookies could not defeat the World Ranker even if they attacked with their full power at the same time.

The next chapter might unlock the full potential of Jiwoo. It will be a suicide episode for Jiwo as well. He is risking his life so that he can buy some more time for the teachers of the academy. However, he needed to surpass himself in order to eliminate the World Ranker. His awakened cats might also interfere in the next chapter. But that might be a surprise for the next chapter. Read out the article below for more updates regarding the future plot of the manhwa!

Eleceed Chapter 210 will be a powerful chapter. The previous chapter itself laid the foundation for the next chapter. The awakened from the World Awkaener Academy, Lia, participated with the rookies to fight the World Ranker. It seems that Jiwoo might achieve success in buying the required time for teachers. Moreover, all the students present in the arena will launch attacks on the Frame fighters and World Ranker.

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The next plot point for the upcoming chapter is the power level of Jiwoo. Jiwoo was trying to activate something in his consciousness. It came out in the past that Jiwoo might have awakened two natural forces. The first one was his fast speed. However, the second one is not clear yet. A Blue aura was gathering around Jiwoo in the previous chapter.

Gangseok still launched an attack on the fighter, and other rookies also joined in that attack. However, the fighter did not receive a scratch. However, The World Ranker now launched his attack and eliminated Gangseok in a single blow. Moreover, his attack on the rookies broke through the barrier of Lia in a second. But Jiwoo was able to dodge his attack and decided to go all out on the World Ranker.

Eleceed Chapter 210 will release on September 9, 2022. The fans are going crazy over the current releases from the manhwa. However, it is not clear if the Rookies will be able to cope with the Frame fighters. Don’t forget to check out the other articles from the Eleceed manhwa. So that you can a hold of the story if you have not read the manhwa!

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