Eleceed Chapter 216: Jiwoo’s Next Threat! Release Date

Things changed drastically after the end of Kayden vs. Andre, The Top Ten fighter battle. Well, nobody has ever thought that Kayden would join this battle and help them to survive. But things aren’t as simple as it seems. It seems like Kayden has some issues to resolve, and the principal couldn’t help with them. As for Jiwoo, he will again face some difficulties ahead in Eleceed Chapter 216. Keep reading to know more.

The latest plotline will focus on Jiwoo and his master. Now everyone knows that Jiwoo is Kayden’s discipline, and they will start giving him the royal treatment. But do Jiwoo and Kayden want this? Apart from that, Jiwoo will head on his next adventure in the upcoming chapter.

Finally, it is the end of the Frame arc, and everyone in the organization is safe and healing. However, things will start moving differently after learning Jiwoo is Kayden’s discipline. Now the principal, including other members, won’t treat him like a rookie, leading to the upgradation in his ranking. It will be a new beginning in Jiwoo’s life. But will Kayden stay with him now?

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Kayden was in trouble as his transformed body- a cat- couldn’t survive in this harsh world without someone’s help. But now that he is fully transformed into a human form, he can go wherever he wants. Perhaps Jiwoo will stop him, and Kayden will convince him to stay with him a little longer and train him to become a better version of himself.

However, Kayden had no interest in it and started showing tantrums. Well, it could be because of the principal’s past behavior- she messed with Kayden in his cat form. Meanwhile, Jiwoo went to see his friend. He was glad to learn that everyone was safe, and they were surprised to see him alive and fine. However, Jiwoo’s apology offended Jiseok, so he amended it. But they were interrupted by the high-rankers who just came to greet Jiwoo for saving their life.

Well, things are finally at peace, and everyone is trying to heal from the traumatizing wounds. However, something is coming for Kayden and Jiwoo. You will find out in Eleceed Chapter 216, which will be available on October 20, 2022, on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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