Eleceed Chapter 218: Jiwoo Saves Gahin! Release Date & Plot

Duke has finally shown his true colors. He will reveal his identity in Eleceed Chapter 218, leaving Jiwoo and Gahin in shock. Well, Jiwoo and Gahin know that Duke is a traitor, and he is helping Frame in this war. But can they inform their other friends about this? Well, Gahin is taking his last breath, and Jiwoo has recently recovered. So it will be challenging for them to deal with Duke. But in the previous chapter, Jiwoo overpowered Duke, and now it remains to see how things unfold.

In the forthcoming storyline, Jiwoo will learn about Duke’s plan and try his best to save Gahin. But it will lead to a battle for life. However, someone’s interference will be beneficial for Jiwoo and Gahin. Who will be that person? Let’s see!

In the following chapter, Jiwoo will continue his battle against Duke, letting Duke feel useless. He will try to gather his strength to attack Jiwoo, but someone will interrupt them. When Professor thinks that Jiwoo is off guard, he tries to attack him from behind, but a Frame member interferes. He will stop Professor and turn to Jiwoo. It will be a shocking moment for both Professor and Duke. But it will soon reveal that he’s on Jiwoo’s side and will end Duke and Professor’s chapter there.

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Jiwoo will be surprised to learn that. But now he has to take care of Gahin. He will take him to the treatment room while that person will deal with Duke and Professor. Gahin and Jiwoo will tell the Principal that Duke was a traitor and a discipline of Sir Schnauder, leaving the Principal to take action as soon as possible. Soon after this incident, the students will be called to leave that place and return to their homes.

However, it was a lie, and Jiwoo knew it too. He just wanted to save Gahin from Duke. So he played along with Duke, pissing Duke off. When Duke tried to attack Jiwoo from the back, he quickly ran away, leaving Duke surprised to see his sharp reflexes. Gahin was touched to learn that Jiwoo entered this bloodshed to save him, but he didn’t want to run away like this and forced Jiwoo to fight Duke. At that time, Duke finally revealed that he was one of the members and discipline of Frame. Duke used his powerful blow to hit Jiwoo, but Jiwoo was fast enough to dodge his attack and hit him harder. Jiwoo managed to defeat Duke, but Professor had some other plan.

Jiwoo will continue to battle against Frame in order to protect his mates. But as of now, he needs to take a rest and work on building his strength. What will he do? You will find it out in Eleceed Chapter 218, which will release on November 5, 2022. You can catch it on the official pages of Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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