Eleceed Chapter 230: New Character’s Entry! Release Date & Plot

The manhwa will finally focus on our hero and how he will become stronger in the upcoming story arc. Jiwoo Seo tried his best to amend Subin and her grandfather. Now that it finally happened, Kayden will continue his training in Eleceed Chapter 230. However, the situation is complicated now as a new character is making his way into Jiwoo’s life. Who could this person be? Apart from this, Jiwoo is finally determined to become stronger. Can he overcome all the hurdles? Keep reading to find it.

The forthcoming storyline will return to its Force arc. After healing Subin’s grandfather, everything is back to normal, and Subin will find her way home. She and her remaining friends will continue to live happily. But Jiwoo needs to find a way to deal with his loss. Can he? Let’s see!

The 230th chapter will continue its focus on Jiwoo Seo. After everything in Subin’s life is back to normal, he, Kayden, and Curtain start their training. Jiwoo focuses on his energy to boost it up. But he has disturbing thought during the training process. He feels ashamed as he still relies on Kayden and Curtain and can’t stand without them. In fact, during the battle against Force, he couldn’t save his friends without Kayden’s help.

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Now he aims to become stronger by training hard. But during the mediation process, he somehow loses control, creating problems for himself. Kayden tells him that he needs to focus on his power as it will lead to his destruction too. So now Kayden will work on Jiwoo and try to teach him how to control his powers. It’s something that he needs to do before facing Force again.

He believed he was in debt to Jiwoo and wanted to apologize to Subin and her friends. He never treated them well, as he believed he was the leader of the awakeners’ association and all those kids would waste and ruin his granddaughter. But the situation was different. At Jiwoo’s home, Subin appeared with snacks and revealed that she would stay with them from now onwards. She believed Curtain had a crush on her, leading to a conflict. Kayden was glad to see all the kids together.

It seems like Jiwoo needs to work on himself before making his move to a new opponent. Further, the chapter will introduce another awakener. You will learn it in Eleceed Chapter 230, which will come out on January 26, 2023. You can catch it on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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