Eminence In Shadows Anime: Secondary Cast Revealed! Release Date & More!

The officials of Eminence In Shadows Anime have revealed some more info on the anime. The info includes names of other cast members and song artists from the Tv anime. The upcoming anime will be an adaptation of the light novel series. The makers have disclosed the names of the voice actors along with the character names. But before moving to further details from the anime, here is everything you need to know about the upcoming anime!

Daisuke Aizawa has written the titular light novel series. However, Tozai is responsible for the illustration of the light novel. At first, Shosetsuka ni Naro serialized the series on its digital platform in May 2018. However, Enterbrain acquired the publishing rights of the light novel later that month. Since then, Enterbrain is the in charge of the serialization. The English distributor of the titular light novel series is Yen Press. Let’s jump on to the further info without wasting time!

The official staff for the Eminence In Shadows Anime revealed the information on the cast and end song. Makers also spilled that these cast members will play the role of students in the upcoming television anime. The first character on the list is Claire Kagenou, whose voice actor is Rina Hidaka. The next one in this series is Sherry Barnett. Saya Aizawa will voice the role of Sherry. Moreover, the last one is Rose Oriana.

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Haruka Shiraishi will be the one who will voice the character of Rose. Coming to the end theme song, there will be seven singers for the respective seven characters. Asami Seto, Suzuko Mimori, Inori MInase, Hisako Kanemoto, Ai Fairouz, Reina Kondo, and Ayaka Asai will be the seven voices or the lead seven characters. Therefore, it is confirmed that all seven characters will appear in the end song of the anime.

The story of the anime will be about a boy Cid. He used to live in his normal world. However, he had the power to subdue shadows. But he could not enjoy it for long as he died in an accident. The fantasy is that this boy is reborn in another world. He still has the ability to subdue the shadows. BUy, he keeps himself low to avoid any special attention to him. One day, he finds an Elvin girl who is extremely sick.

He treats Elvin in a snap and tells her about a delusional organization called Shadow Garden. However, things turn out to be true. Everything that Cid said was true, and there were organizations in that world. Elvin starts recruiting more remembers to fight The Cult Diabolas members. Cid has to fight that evil organization to stop them from spreading the influence of Shadows over the world.

The only thing that is known about the release of the Eminence In Shadows Anime is its release month. It is going to be released in October 2022. However, there is no confirmed info on the release date of the upcoming anime. However, The Anime Daily will update this section as soon as the detail pops out. Till then, keep following our page and articles for regular updates!

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