Engage Kiss Episode 6: Shu Vs. Ayano! Release Date

It feels like Shu will find himself in the middle of chaos in Engage Kiss Episode 6. The last we saw him, the boy was dealing with a financial crisis. But his former girlfriend Ayano helped him out. Despite the indifferences, she tried to help him. But the hatred increased after Tetsuya entered. Will Shu forgive Ayano? It doesn’t look like it, though. Further, her connection with Tetsuya is a bit dubious. Let’s see what she’s hiding from Shu.

In the sixth episode, Shu’s company will learn more about Demon Possession and try to get bottom of it. But something will stop them. Soon Shu will learn that it has something to do with Ayano and her new partner Tetsuya Mikami. They will join the forces to work together, leaving Shu heartbroken.

The following episode, “Third-Party Demon Killer,” suggest that Shu will face a rival in the game. Well, in the previous episode, his company learned crucial information about the Demonically Possessed and its connection with the D Hazard. But before they could figure things out, the bid was halted, and Shu and his company were banned from participating in the bidding. Now he will try to work on his plan, and with Kisara’s help, he will set a trap for Ayano.

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He knows Ayano is hiding something, and she has something to do with the Demon Possession. In fact, Shu saw her with Tetsuya Mikami, an Anti-Demon Bureau detective, and believes that they are cooking something. It will indeed increase the animosity between them. Further, they will soon be encountered by another demon. But the surprising part will be Ayano will already be aware of it.

After their battle, Kisara wasn’t in the right mood and decided to relax in Shu’s flat. But Shu had difficulty dealing with the situation as she was handling his company’s finances and gradually intruding in her life, behaving like his secret mistress. But they had more things to look after, including the shortage of living expenditures. So in order to resolve this situation, Shu reached Ayano for some contract work. Later that day, Kisara and Shu found themselves in the middle of a daunting situation. They tried to defend Bayron City’s 25th-anniversary celebration while helping the mayor from terrorist threats.

Engaged Kiss Episode 6, titled “Third-Party Demon Killer,” will air on Sunday, August 7, 2022, at 3 am. It will be available on Crunchyroll. The episode will finally explore Ayano’s past and her connection with Mikami. Apart from this, it will be the new beginning of Shu and Kisara. It’s all for now. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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