FFF Class Trashero Chapter 132: Kang’s Survival In Fantasia! Release Date & More!

FFF Class Trashero Chapter 132 will begin Kang’s new life. The previous chapters revealed that Nucloen’s last attack sent Kang back to Fantasia world. Now the journey to grow and go beyond everything else will begin from zero. Kang has again taken into the real world from the womb of a Royal slave. He is a descendant of a royal prince who could not make it alive due to the attack on the royal capital.

The next chapter of the manhwa will be about Kang’s adjustment. Moreover, Enat might also clear the situation to Kang. The incidents that happened in chapter 130 are still not clear to the manhwa readers. The vanish of the Nucleon and the appearance of raging fire were the most strange incidents in the last chapters. This time Kang is born with the Holy sword, but why? Check it out in the article below!

FFF Class Trashero Chapter 132 will be an explanatory chapter. The number of events that happened previously will get an explanation. Most importantly, the rejuvenation of Enat as Hippolia is still not clear. The Demon King is resurrected as a newborn prince. However, Enat is completely an adult in this new world.

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It is the most confusing question for the readers. There is not a clear explanation for how things will proceed in the next chapter. The Demon King has to start from scratch and restore his levels in this new world. However, he still has got all of his powers and Holy sword. The ability to move freely and speak is not present, and he must use his power for faster regeneration.

The 131st chapter of FFF Class Trashero started with the dormant stage of Kang. He could feel and think the way he used to be in the previous world. Moreover, he felt kinda, soft, and warm. Suddenly, his resurrection began, and he came to know that he was a newborn child. Hippolia, aka Enat, was holding him in his arms. But Kang rejuvenated his mom with his demonic powers.

His mother became quite happy with it. But all of them heard the rustling of the bush with the movement of soldiers. Kang’s mother was trying to explain the situation. But Kang could not stop himself from eliminating those soldiers. He finished all of them with the help of the Holy Sword and its aura around him. He stopped everyone from spreading the news of the birth of the Demon King everywhere.

FFF Class Trashero Chapter 132 will release on September 9, 2022. The new birth of Kang will introduce new characters in the manhwa. It will increase the plot domain and suspense in it. The future chapters will be available to read on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. Don’t forget to visit The Anime Daily articles for more updates regarding the manhwa!

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