FFF Class Trashero Chapter 134: The Demolition Of The War God! Release Date & More!

FFF Class Trashero Chapter 134 will be all about the demolition of the War God. The previous chapter brought this warlord into the field to fight the demons. However, the Demon Lord did not expect this creature to appear at the scene. Moreover, he was prepared to fight with the Golem. But the new character has not stepped into the field yet.

There are chances that the new sword girl will demolish the War God. But the demons have to stop the wizards from summoning the Golem. So it would be difficult for War Lord to engage in such commotion at once. He must take aid from his angel friend and the sword girl to completely defeat the opposing army in the battle. Read the following article to get detailed info on the next chapter of the manhwa!

FFF Class Trashero Chapter 134 will witness the demolition of the War God in the battle. It seems that the War God will display its heroic powers in the upcoming chapter of the manhwa. Moreover, there are speculations that the War God is the hero of that era. However, the Demon Army might not defeat this golden machine alone. It will need help from the Sword Girl.

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So The biggest highlight of the next chapter will be the fight between the Sword Girl and the War God. But the chapter will not end with the end of the War God. There will be the entry of Golems at the end of the next chapter of the manhwa. Most probably, The Demon Lord will step into the battlefield after the entry of the Golems.

The 133rd chapter of FFF Class Trashero marked the entry of Sword Girl to save the Demon King. However, it was not the first time that the Demon King saw that girl. He found out that she was present in his previous life. But that girl has no idea of her past life. Demon King recalled the incident when she attacked him for peeping on her while bathing.

Moreover, she was also interfering with the Demon Lord’s decisions this time. But Demon Lord did not listen to her and went to the Forbidden Caves. The monster summoned a large number of demons who were present there. This way, the little baby raised a large army of demons. However, the rival army called for the War God to help in the war. Moreover, the Golems are on their way to the battlefield.

FFF Class Trashero Chapter 134 was supposed to release on September 24, 2022. However, there is no certain info on the release details of the manhwa. There are chances that it might release this week on October 7, 2022. However, these speculations are nothing without official confirmation. So visit the other articles from The Anime Daily for more new updates!

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