Heaven Official’s Blessing Chapter 79: What Awaits Xie In Future? Release Date

Heaven Official’s Blessing Chapter 79 will prove the law of karma in its chapter. The actions of Xiang from the manga might get him in trouble. The past actions of Xiang have made him the prime suspect of the burglars out there. The undesired care of Xiang for the thief has made him suspicious about his identity in the eyes of the burglars. This fact has got its way to the main leader of the burglars, and he will decide Xie’s fate! Here is a short recap on the upcoming chapter of the manhwa. Let’s jump up to the spoilers and actions that might be present in the upcoming outing.

Currently, there are a lot of hurdles in front of Xie. The past deeds of Xie have created a violent cooker that might explode at any time. Moreover, there is no scope for the escape of the lead characters. The number of armed weapons on the side of the burglars confirms that it will not be a peaceful escape from their location. But Xie needs to escape from the hiding place of burglars to save his life at any cost!

The Heaven Official’s Blessing Chapter 79 outcome is somehow quite predictable. The sudden empathy for the declared robber among the burglars is a serious crime. The members of the burglar group have transferred this information to their leader. Their leader is the Goddess of War. Moreover, the support to the robber has already put Xie into a position of conflict with the God of War in the storyline of the titular manhwa. He must do anything to escape their wrath.

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This skirmish will give rise to another legendary battle between Demons and The Gods. The destined rivals will again appear on the battlefield opposite each other. The bloodshed due to the war will mark the start of action-packed chapters of the manhwa. But the escape of Xie is the most important part of this puzzle which must get its place in the upcoming episode!

Xie could not face this brutality and asked the burglars to stop. There was nothing special about Xie in this case. However, he picked his nose in this case and has to face the wrath of God and the Goddess of War. Moreover, the boy that he saved doesn’t seem like much good person. He was looking at a potential threat at the end of the previous chapter of the manhwa. But everything will get its revealtion in the upcoming chapter!

The sudden intrusion in normal situations has given rise to much bigger problems in the given manhwa. Everyone must face violent times to reach that peaceful end finally. The first stair to this end will release in the form of the upcoming chapter on August 1, 2022. Any further updates regarding the manhwa will appear only on The Anime Daily page!

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