Heaven Official’s Blessing Chapter 85: Is Xie In Danger? Plot & Release Date

The coming episode of Heaven Official’s Blessing Chapter 85 will continue the inquiry from the earlier chapters. Xie Lang sneaked around Hua Cheng’s residence. Together, Xie and Qingxuan followed a ghost, one of Hua Cheng’s underlings. However, now they have entered a locked palace. They could only open the doors with dice toss. So what’s the secret here? Will they find any clues they are looking for? The next chapter has all the answers. So, here is all you need to know about the chapter 85 plot and release date!

In the next chapter, Xie and Qingxuan will try to escape from the trap they have fallen into. Fans should expect to see a lot of action in the play. Once again, He has put his life at risk. Will Xie survive this maze? Keep reading further to know about it.

The coming chapter will clear out a lot of things for Xie. Something fishy is going on in the labyrinth of the palace. The palace is filled with secrets. What truth will unfold? Is Hua Cheng hiding something? Xie will uncover this in the next few chapters. Before that, he must escape the death trap with Qingxuan.

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Xie also intends to inform Hua Cheng of the truth after their quest. He’s hoping to make amends for snooping around. But will he do it in the end? It appears Qingxuan and Xie are onto something big. This might change their dynamics. So it will be rather interesting to see what happens next. Fans may also see more of the thief boy. Though he probably won’t appear until a few chapters later.

Suddenly the image on the tiles changed to a leech. The tiles cracked, and they fell down the floors. Now they were in a weird gloomy place. Did they toss the wrong number? They worried that they got into the wrong place because of that. The door had already disappeared. It would be hard for them to go back now. They decided to walk along the tunnel. But then they came across creatures that looked like giant leeches. The chapter ended with a cliffhanger.

Heaven Official’s Blessing manwha releases its chapters weekly on Bilibili. You can check out the manwha on Kakaopage or Webtoon. As of now, there are 84 chapters in total. But the next chapter will come out soon. Don’t worry! We will be sure to update you as soon as they are out. Just keep checking back only on this page. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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