Hikari No Ou Anime: New Visual, Final Trailer & Release Date

The Fall season is usually the time of the year when fans get most of the updates about upcoming shows. One more update has made its way to the internet this week. And this was Hikari No Ou Anime. A well-read light novel with a fantasy story is finally getting an anime version. The latest updates come from the premises of Studio Signal.​MD. Moreover, key visual and staff updates are also in the public domain. So, here is everything you need to know about these updates.

So, Hikari No Ou is a novel series from the year 2018. Rieko Hinata is the writer and illustrator of the text. The ongoing text was under the release radar for a long time. Thus, fans are super-excited to watch the show now that the anime project has been announced.

The latest update comes from the official website and social media of the anime. The update went on to give away a new visual and release details of the show. Along with this, the news also confirmed that Junji Nishimura would be the director of the anime. In addition, Mamoru Oishi will be handling the scriptwriting department of the show. You can check out the new visual by the makers right here:

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Hikari No Ou Anime is based on the manga of the same name. The story of the anime takes place in a world where most of the land is covered in black forest. So, the plot starts with a fire hunter getting stuck in the war, only to find himself in the middle of nowhere. It turns out that the world has been infiltrated by a pathogen that can spread through humanity, leading to a mutation. And now, humans can trigger the power of igniting themselves at will.

And now, it is the job of the fire hunters to keep an eye on such beings. Enters the main character Touko, who has the responsibility of keeping an eye on all the humans who are using this power for the wrong of humankind.

The final release date of the new anime has not been revealed. However, the makers have made a note of sharing the release window. Hikari No Ou Anime will come out in the year 2023. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there is any update on the same. In order to get the latest update, make sure you are in touch with The Anime Daily pages.

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