How To Fight Chapter 140: Tae-Hoon Will Not Spare Hobin! Release Date

Viral Hit continues to spread violence and action in the story that fans love. The past sequence of Jiwoo’s life is being loved by fans all over. In the last outing, it was seen that Hobin had hired a brother-sister duo to get a hold of his rivalry with Jiwoo. But he was unable to pay for the services that he asked for. And now, it is most possible that he will consider disappearing from the scene altogether. Here is everything that you need to know about the next release, How To Fight Chapter 140.

In the following storyline, fans will be able to see where Hobin is. In the last chapter, he suddenly bumped into Jiwoo who was all set to kill him. The brother-sister duo might also join him in order to get their money from the man.

The next chapter of How to Fight will continue the mad brawl in the same way that it is taking place. It was seen that Jiwoo has been able to set a certain fear in the hearts of he people that surround him. However, even Hobin is not sitting idealy right now. The introduction of Tae-Hoon was an indication that he is working day in and night in order to break the fights.

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But it turned out that Hobin was not able to fulfill all the demands of the contract that he sent to Tae-Hoon. This only means that the boy is now stuck in a very dangerous road. Both Jiwoo and Tae-Hoon will now come for the life of this man. How To Fight Chapter 140 will now open with a fight between Jiwoo and Hobin Hyung.

She then checked the contract that they signed for Yoo Hobin. But she saw that the contract was not signed by the man. When she called him, he was not picking up the call. This was when her brother went to the man to sort all things then and there. The chapter came to an end with yet another fight commencing between Hobin Hyung and Jiwoo.

The entire storyline of Viral Hit brings new and gore acts of violence to the table. Fans will be able to see more of the same this week. So, How To Fight Chapter 140 will release this week on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. The final release date of the chapter is July 22, 2022. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there is any update of a delay. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get this information right here.

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