How To Fight Chapter 143: Will Munho Kill Eunwoo? Release Date & More!

How To Fight Chapter 143 will be doom for Eunwoo. Park Munho has caught him for the second time in a day. Moreover, this time he has caught him red-handed. There is no other way for Kang Eunwoo to give any excuse. Moreover, he has taken the enmity of the Drug Mafia. Things will get rough for him in the future. He tried to reach the top of the ladder but could not see the face of the drug dealer of Munho!

However, the next episode will be going to give more pain to Kang Eunwoo. Park Munho just grabbed his neck in the previous chapter of the manhwa. This only caused a lot of pain to Eunwoo. This time Munho might keep Kang as his prisoner to get things out. But the investigation might get into the hands of Han Gyeoul. This time she has to take charge of the investigation to save Eunwoo from drug dealers. Check out more info on the upcoming chapter in the article below!

The fate of Eunwoo will uncover itself in How To Fight Chapter 143. There is still regarding the condition of Eunwoo. The strongest possibility is that Park Munho might kill Eunwoo. The angry face Munho formed at the end of the previous chapter was really scary. But Eunwoo is not so weak. He used to hold back in front of Munho due to his cover. Now he has nothing to hide as his cover is blown.

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The first thing that Eunwoo should do is to escape from that stinky hideout. Moreover, the presence of Bae Jinchan and Park Munho will only be a threat to Eunwoo. He has to think of a new strategy to reach the drug dealer as he cannot take the cover of Park Munho now. The rarest possibility is that Eunwoo might beat Park Munho and will carry his plans through him. But it is possible if Park has something very important at stake.

He explained the situation to Han about what happened with him. He told her that he would handle the situation with Jinchan. Eunwoo thought Jinchan to be a nice guy. But he found that he gave shelter to two girls just to make them drug addicts. After that, he was going to use them as a prostitute. Eunwoo got really angry and started beating Jinchan without any stop. However, suddenly he found that Park Munho was observing his activities from his back.

How To Fight Chapter 143 will release on August 12, 2022. However, there is no confirmed info on the release of the upcoming chapter. The release of the manhwa is two days away, and raw scans are not even out yet. Fans are expecting some delay from the manhwa in the upcoming days. However, The Anime Daily team will report any update as soon as it comes out!

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