Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 COMPLETED! Final Release Date

There is good news for the fans who had been waiting desperately to read Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391. The good news is in context with the completion of the work of this chapter. That is right. This week, the mangaka confirmed that he was done with the drawing of this chapter. And now, the fans are demanding to know when they can read the rest of the chapters. Well, from the release details to other intel, we have covered it all. You will find everything about the release details right here.

The next chapter will take fans back to the expedition that is about to change Gon’s life. The journey to the Dark Continent is going to bring an end to a lot of ongoing arcs. But will Gon fulfill the promise that he made in the past? Only time will give away the answer to this.

The news comes from the official social media of Yoshihiro Togashi. The artist took to Twitter to share updates on the amount of work that has been done in the manga so far. And so, the man ended up confirming that he was done with the drawing portion of Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391. This directly meant that he was now working on the following chapters. As of now, there is no further update other than this. You can check out the Tweet details here:

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Since the last chapter came to an end without due notice, the story was stuck in the middle of a crucial arc. Gon and his team were in the middle of an expedition to the Dark Continent. The next chapter will begin in the middle of the expedition. The way to the dark continent would not be as easy as it looks. The heroes are going to find many obstacles on the way to the final destination.

Fans also speculate that the Dark Continent Arc is going to make Kurapika the main focus of the season. Moreover, the man has very clear intentions of growing proximity with the Kakin Royal Family. Furthermore, fans are sure that this season will particularly bring a lot of new characters that might become friends or enemies of Gon up ahead for the future.

Now that the latest chapter has been completed with the drawing part, fans will be able to catch it soon on the official pages. However, there has not been any announcement of the final release date of Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391. It is possible that the release date will be announced this week. And in the first week of August, they would be able to catch the chapter. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there is any intel about this. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right here.

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