I Got A Cheat Skill In Another World Anime Confirmed! Release Date & More!

The official publisher announced the I Got A Cheat Skill In Another World anime with a video and visual. The light novel series has received won awards like Grand Prize for its amazing storyline. However, the makers have decided to get the anime adaptation of the light novel series. It was a grand announcement where the artistic creation of the official illustrator of the light novel also came out. Here is everything you need to know about the light novel series.

The writer of the titular light novel series is Miku. However, its illustrator is Rein Kuwashima. Moreover, the light novel first debuted digitally. It came out in the form of hard copies when Fujimi Shobo acquired it. Fujimi published the light novel in its Fujimi Fantasia Bunko print. The digital debut of the manga took place on March 25, 2017. However, Fujimi began printing the light novel on December 20, 2018. Yen Press publishes the English version of the light novel. Check out more details about the announcement in the article below.

Kadokawa organized a press release to announce the I Got A Cheat Skill In Another World anime. Moreover, the publishing house also released a teaser visual and promotional video for the anime. However, the promotional video had still shots from the light novel series. But the narrator of the series trailer is the girl in another world that meets the hero of the anime. Moreover, the teaser also had a still shot of the teaser visual.

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Moreover, the teaser had some animated clips of the light novel. But these clips portrayed the High school life of the Japanese students. The teaser did not have clips of the hero from another world. There is also a teaser visual that came out on the announcement of the anime. It featured the main lead hero in the armor from another world. More information on the anime will soon appear in a couple of months.

The story of the anime is focused on a bullied boy. Students and classmates from his school tease him and beat him brutally. It started in his childhood life and continued till his High School. However, when things are absolutely dark, hope rises. The boy got a door to another world. The world is full of mystical creatures and magic. He is the main hero in this world and has all luxuries.

Moreover, another world is like a video game. There are skills and levels in this game. However, the hero of our anime has got cheat skills with him. He can use them to get anything he wants in the anime. Moreover, luck has also granted him the power of a secret portal. The hero can switch between these different realities through that portal. But will he decide to get back to reality after this much fun?

There is no information on the release details of the I Got A Cheat Skill In Another World Anime. Kadokawa did not release anything like the release window for the fans. The sources have speculated that the anime might release in 2023. However, The Anime Daily will provide confirmed info on this as soon as we get access to it. Till then, keep following our page for regular updates!

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