I Shall Master The Family Chapter 73: Estira Comes Up With A Cure! Release Date

I Shall Master The Family Chapter 73 will finally reveal whether the bomnia flowers worked. Since the beginning of the manga series, Florentia has been working hard to treat her father and save his legacy. However, things are quite hard to deal with. In the previous chapter, she learned that bomnia flowers could help her, but they needed to hurry up as their season was about to over.

Now in chapter 73rd, Perez will come up with a box full of bomnia flowers. He will give this to Florentia, who will hand this over to Estira. She will work on the cure and come up with medicine but will be afraid to experiment with Gallahan’s health. Keep reading to know more.

Soon Florentia sent a telegram to Perez, and he returned with a box full of bomnia flowers. Everyone will be surprised in I Shall Master The Family Chapter 73 to see Perez so late in Lambardi’s palace. So when she asked him why he came in such a heavy downpour, he said he could do anything for his lady. After this conversation, he will give Florentia the box, and she will hand it to Estira. Now Estira will work on the medicine the entire night.

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She will finally come up with medicine but won’t be confident about her new research. Florentia will also appear tense as she’s afraid that it would be difficult for them to cure her father if it fails. Later Florentia tells her grandfather that they have prepared a cure and want to test it. They will head to Gallahan’s room, and he will be ready to take this medicine. To everyone’s surprise, the medicine will work, and Gallahan will start feeling better.

In the 72nd chapter, Estira was busy with her research work. While she appeared busy studying the herbs, she realized that bomnia flowers are the important herbs that can stabilize the effects of the other herbs. Florentia was shocked after learning this as she came to tell Estira that she had found the cure for the Tlenburgh. However, Estira was tense as bomnia flowers were too expensive to buy. They grow once a year only in the South. But Florentia assured her that there was no need to fret. This is because she knew where those flowers blossom.

But before revealing the place, Florentia asked Estira whether they needed the complete flower with roots, to which Estira replied yes. Then she revealed that the bomnia flowers blossom twice this year in the Poirak Palace. However, she heard the sound of rain and started panicking. She remembered that Perez told her that the flowers would destroy by rain. Hence she started asking to send the carriage to the Poirak Palace. But instead, her subordinates told her to send a telegram.

I Shall Master The Family follows a weekly release pattern. So we can expect that chapter 73 will release on June 25, 2022. It will finally reveal the fate of Gallahan and whether the medicine will work on him. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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