I Shall Master This Family Chapter 78: A Meal With Clerivan of Pellet! Release Date

I Shall Master This Family Chapter 78 might not contribute much to the story. The previous chapter of the manhwa did not have any special events. Princess Florentia stepped out of his house for the first time. Moreover, she has crossed the age of roaming alone in the city. So she decided to visit the most famous store of his father. Moreover, she visited the memories from her past with her Noble friend Roril. Check out more details regarding the upcoming chapter details!

The next episode will carry the story from the Clerivan and Gallahan’s lunch table. It might also clear the clouds of doubts about Perez’s decision. He is still confused about joining the Academy. However, Florentia knows from her past life experiences that it will help him in the long run. The motive behind Florentia’s obsession with Violet will also get clear in the upcoming chapter of the manhwa.

Florentia will try to get Violet on her side in I Shall Master This Family Chapter 78. However, Violet might leave the post of Lord Clerivan’s assistant. Moreover, it is not so suitable in the present circumstances. The decisions of Florentia are completely based on the memories of her past life. However, Violet does not know anything about it. So it might be difficult for her to leave her master without no reason.

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The next plot point of the upcoming chapter is Perez’s confusion. Florentia advised him to join the Academy after analyzing his past life. But she kept it subtle to prevent herself from doubt. However, she does not know that Perez also has the ability to recall his past life memories. But it is not clear why his memories are confusing about joining the academy. Florentia will surely try to get Violet on the meal table.

Then Roril and Florentia moved to the Haslot Store of their father. Florentia saw a fake Lebatin Clan Butler who claimed a refund in the shop. The employee in the shop was about to pay the refund. However, manager Violet Lipe intervened and asked the man to show the receipts. However, the fake con could not show the receipts. On further investigation, he left the shop at once and escaped from there. Then Violet and Tia came to know each other.

I Shall Master This Family Chapter 78 will release on August 13, 2022. However, the international audience of the manhwa can follow it on Kakaopage, Naver, and Webtoon platforms. The story of the manhwa has a long way to go. It still needs progression. So don’t forget to follow our The Anime Daily page for regular updates on manhwa world!

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